Almoehed Bellah Mohamed El Hady

Almowhed Bellah Mohamed EI Hady: An Inspiring Leader Revolutionizing the Gulf Market

Almoehed Bellah Mohamed El Hady, Founder and General Manager, Gulf Experts Entrepreneurship is generally misconceived as being a business owner, what it actually is a perspective and lifestyle. All the successful entrepreneurs know the staggering amount of work and sacrifice required that really defines entrepreneurship. It always starts with a solid idea, one is passionate […]

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Ahmad Tawanaee

Ahmad Tawanaee: An Inspiring Leader Making Strides in the Construction Industry

Ahmad Tawanaee, Managing Director, SCM Consultancy LLC The construction industry is challenging; encompassing many specialized and unique projects that revolve constant engagements with multiple third parties, follow-ups, procurement, strategic planning, operations, contracts management, etc. these challenges determine the industry to constantly demand professional and expert consultancy firms to support the construction business and seek necessary […]

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Eng. Irene Vidal

Eng. Irene Vidal: An ardent entrepreneur from the Gulf who turned challenges into possibilities

Eng. Irene Vidal, CEO, Facility Management & Maintenance Company, LLC Life is a rollercoaster ride that often takes us through several crests and troughs. At least to remain afloat, if not anchored, we must learn the art of wading through the rough tides. We gain wisdom in challenges; we are here to appreciate life not […]

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