Bushra Ezzeddine

Bushra Ezzeddine: An Inspiring Shepreneur Empowering Women

Bushra Ezzeddine, Founder & CEO, Team 71 Group As time changes, the rise of female entrepreneurs around the globe have demonstrated that women in business are competitive and capable of success. Women entrepreneurs are building successful businesses in a male-dominated world by breaking the stigmas, empowering women, and making a positive impact on the economy. […]

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Helena Patacao

Helena Patacao: On A Quest to Solve Energy Problems around the Globe

Helena Patacao, Founder & CEO, Helena Patac√£o, Energy Services Over the past few decades, women have been shattering the glass ceiling in all fields, and entrepreneurship is no exception. With their out-of-the-box thinking, leadership qualities, and unique perspective, they are chartering unknown territories, making a difference with their ideas, and seeking solutions that have never […]

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