Dr. Hilal Al Dhamri

Dr. Hilal Al Dhamri: A Journey of Self-Improvement & Innovation

Dr. Hilal Al Dhamri, Managing Director, Raysut Cement Company While many individuals find contentment in their accomplishments, a rare few set themselves apart with an unquenchable thirst for perpetual enhancement. They live by the mindset of “always wanting more,” propelling themselves each day in pursuit of knowledge that fuels self-improvement. They shape their own success, […]

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Stewart Murray

Stewart Murray: An Exemplar for New Age Business Leaders

Stewart Murray, Managing Director, Rental Solutions & Services Recent studies indicate that employees are more comfortable working with employers with superior emotional intelligence. Employers who take care of their employees and provide a positive work culture will not only bring out the best in them but also create a sense of belonging in the workspace […]

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