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Bushra Ezzeddine

Bushra Ezzeddine: An Inspiring Shepreneur Empowering Women

Bushra Ezzeddine, Founder & CEO, Team 71 Group As time changes, the rise of female entrepreneurs around the globe have demonstrated that women in business are competitive and capable of success. Women entrepreneurs are building successful businesses in a male-dominated world by breaking the stigmas, empowering women, and making a positive impact on the economy. […]

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Helena Patacao

Helena Patacao: On A Quest to Solve Energy Problems around the Globe

Helena Patacao, Founder & CEO, Helena Patacão, Energy Services Over the past few decades, women have been shattering the glass ceiling in all fields, and entrepreneurship is no exception. With their out-of-the-box thinking, leadership qualities, and unique perspective, they are chartering unknown territories, making a difference with their ideas, and seeking solutions that have never […]

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Juliane Knips

Juliane Knips: The Diva creating a Diaspora in the World of Fashion

Juliane Knips, Founder, Juliane Knips Fashion House If you are a fashion connoisseur, you must be familiar with the name Juliane Knips. The fashion house under the astute leadership of its kingpin and entrepreneur Juliane Knips has made an impact in the world of fashion by virtue of its highest level of craftsmanship in designing […]

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Sandra Marienfeld

Sandra Marienfeld: Redefining the Fashion Industry with Strong Values of Elegance

Sandra Marienfeld, Founder and Designed, Mary&Mary Being a mom is no piece of a cake. Neither is being an entrepreneur. And doing both at the same time? That seems like a whole other ball game. Running a full-time business while balancing motherhood and family is a tightrope walk that certainly takes a whole lot of […]

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Taylor Elizabeth Perramond

Taylor Elizabeth Perramond: An ingenious entrepreneur committed to enriching Business with Elegance

Taylor Elizabeth Perramond, Founder and Director, The Elegance Advisor Consultancy In business, as is in life, it is always a challenging task to choose to travel a difficult path, especially one which no one has ever dared to tread upon or explore. The reasons may be apathy to do the necessary work needed for success […]

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Mohammed Albisimi: A Hobbyist turned entrepreneur set to redefine the gaming life

Mohammed Albisimi, Founder & Managing Director, True Gaming “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”- George Bernard Shaw. The famous precept penned down by the great Victorian author G.B. Shaw holds true even today. One who works towards his passion does not necessarily feel the rigors of hard work. He […]

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Mohammed Abbas

Mohamed Abbas: An Accomplished Business Leader Endorsing The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia around the World

Mohamed Abbas, Founder, Wafy Brimming with soaring mountains, sublime deserts, magnificent coral reefs, and glitzy sand beaches, Saudi Arabia is home to breathtaking natural wonders. The country also boasts rich illuminated cities and some of the best architectural marvels of modern times without leaving the religious roots that are embedded deep within. Steeped in rich […]

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Mohammad Ghassan Zekrallah

Mohammad Ghassan Zekrallah

Mohammad Ghassan Zekrallah, Co-Founder & CTO, Cura The Gulf Entrepreneur got the opportunity to feature Mohammad Ghassan Zekrallah as one of the Most Influential Entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia in 2023. We want to tell his story to many more people with an intention to inspire readers, especially budding entrepreneurs and thus embolden the entrepreneurial spirit […]

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