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Khadijah Ba

Khadijah Ba: A Determined Leader Making a Long-Lasting Impact in the Energy Sector

Khadijah Ba, Founder and Chairman, Der Mond Oil & Gas There is no single definition of success. Everyone has a different meaning of success. For some, success is money, for some it’s fame and some defines success as happiness. For Khadijah Ba, the founder, and president of Der Mond Group, success is inner self-satisfaction. “I […]

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Walid Abed

Walid Abed: A Prominent Business Leader with a Remarkable Vision

Walid Abed, General Manager, IMCC Investment L.L.C. Achieving remarkable success in business and making a mark of yourself in the business world is not a piece of cake. One must have the tremendous determination and excellent business acumen to overcome all odds and achieve their goals. Many successful business leaders in the Gulf have transformed […]

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Invest In the Real Estate in Dubai

Is This A Good Time to Invest In the Real Estate in Dubai?

Known for its stunning architecture, Dubai has seen an unparalleled spike in real estate transactions since the end of 2020. It became one of the few global safe havens, resulting in a surge in international demand for real estate. Even its domestic demand has been soaring as its residents desire larger homes with better amenities […]

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Youth Entrepreneurship

The Era of Youth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a unique and adventurous field. This journey comes with all highs and lows with risks and uncertainty. With all the market uncertainties and changing state of consumers, international, domestic, and political situations, there are a lot of risks involved. Today, young people are more entrepreneurial than ever and are starting twice as many […]

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Dr. Basim Zafar: A Pioneer for Transforming Technical Visions into Reality

Dr. Basim Zafar, CEO, Experts Vision Consulting (EVC) Every great success story starts with a vision. When a compelling vision meets with unwavering passion, ceaseless commitment, strategic actions, and continuous effort, great things happen. True business leaders create, articulate, and relentlessly drive a vision to completion to create a positive impact in people’s lives. They […]

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Vinayak Mahtani

Vinayak Mahtani: Gulf Entrepreneur to Watch in 2022

Vinayak Mahtani, Fonder & CEO, Bnbme Holiday Homes Rental LLC Gulf Entrepreneur has got the opportunity to feature Vinayak Mahtani as the cover story for Gulf Entrepreneur to watch in 2022. We want to tell Vinayak’s story to many more people with an intention to inspire readers, especially budding entrepreneurs and thus embolden the entrepreneurial […]

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War In Ukraine

War In Ukraine: What Happened On The 21st Day Of Russia’s Invasion?

As the war between Russia and Ukraine entered its 21st day, the situation remains tense between both countries. With Russian forces thumping Ukrainian cities, inching towards the capital Kyiv in a relentless bombardment, the humanitarian crisis in this war seems to be deepening in the third week. Still, with more talks taking place between the […]

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Successful Micropreneur

5 Key Steps to Becoming a Successful Micropreneur

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are running a business with less than five employees. Or perhaps you don’t have any employees. Do you have to wear multiple hats for managing all the tasks and business activities including marketing, payroll, meetings, and budgeting? If yes, you can consider yourself a Micropreneur. […]

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