Sales or Marketing

Which comes first: Sales or Marketing?

This is yet another ‘which is first: egg or hen’ debate. Let’s first acknowledge the false notion about one of them being second to the other. A successful business is one where sales and marketing work hand-in-hand. Though this pretty much concludes our discussion, it is necessary to state both sides of the argument and […]

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E-commerce in the Middle East: Then, Now, and the Future.

The middle-east includes countries of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite being among the most advanced economies, the middle-east is still far behind when it comes to the online business realm. Then: Conventions and […]

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Quick Tips for new entrepreneurs to focus on the Website Design

It takes only 5 seconds for the website visitors to decide whether they want to explore or skip your website.  So, you get a few seconds to convey what your company does. Is your website design layout easy to understand and navigate? Is it simple enough for the user to understand it at first glance? […]

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AI Digital Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the game of Digital Marketing in 2021

As Artificial Intelligence continues to advance, so will the ability to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and also to provide valuable customer information for businesses. With the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it, and then learn from it, AI is transforming digital strategies.  As you continue to move forward, so will […]

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infographics Marketing Strategy

Why Infographics Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is all about storytelling. Consumers are not interested in listening to fact lists or analyzing research studies. While data is important in supporting a message, how it is delivered is paramount. Ultimately, a story is the most compelling way to communicate a message. And this is where infographics come in, as they combine […]

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Social Media Trends

Social networking trends to follow in 2021

A new year begins, and with it, new trends emerge in social networks 2021. It is very important that you know them so that you can use them in your social media strategy. This will help you get more exposure and reach your audience. The world of business, contents, and methods of consumption are constantly […]

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Storyscaping Marketing

Storyscaping: What it is and how to apply it in your marketing strategy

Have you ever heard of storyscaping? In this post, you will find out what this new marketing concept is and how you can apply it to your strategy. Also, you will know some tools to manage it and thus get the most out of it.  For years, many brands have used storytelling as a way […]

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Voice search

Voice search: how to survive the new era of SEO

The voice search is a relatively new area, but the extent and popularity continue to grow. For this reason, in this post, we are going to see how companies can adapt their SEO strategies to the incipient use of voice search by users. A brief history of voice search  It is a method of searching […]

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