Mohammad Al-Suraye, EdTech’s Rising Star, is a Pioneer in Kuwaiti Education Technology


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Mohammad Al-Suraye, an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary, has left an indelible mark on Kuwait’s educational landscape. As the CEO and Founder of T-LAB, he has spearheaded innovative solutions in the field of education technology (EdTech). His passion for education and drive for innovation have been evident in his co-founding roles at and Dawrat, further solidifying his commitment to revolutionizing educational platforms. Al-Suraye has made significant contributions to the field of EdTech, influencing how students and educators interact with technology in Kuwait and elsewhere.

Mohammad Al-Suraye is a highly skilled entrepreneur, holding a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) degree with a focus in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering from Kuwait University.

Al-Suraye embarked on his professional journey at Zain Group, where he held the role of transmission team leader for over a decade, from 2006 to 2017. During his tenure in the telecommunications industry at Zain Group, he garnered valuable experience that would serve as a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

Co-founding Dawrat and

In 2011, Al-Suraye demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive by co-founding Dawrat, an innovative online marketplace. Dawrat serves as a platform that seamlessly connects training facilities, trainers, educational event organizers, and online course providers. With over 400 physical and online training courses, workshops, and seminars on offer, Dawrat caters to diverse learning needs, providing individuals and organizations with accessible opportunities for skill enhancement and professional development.

Continuing his entrepreneurial pursuits, Al-Suraye co-founded in 2014. Eventat is a ticketing website designed to streamline event registration and ticketing processes, ultimately enhancing the overall event experience for organizers and attendees alike. Through Eventat, Al-Suraye aimed to simplify the logistical aspects of event management, allowing organizers to focus on delivering memorable and impactful experiences.

Founding T-LAB, the Latest Innovation

In 2017, Mohammad Al-Suraye ventured into the realm of education technology by establishing T-LAB. With a mission to revolutionize education, T-LAB is dedicated to bridging the gap between learners and quality educational resources. By leveraging innovative technology and educational methodologies, T-LAB aims to empower individuals of all ages to pursue lifelong learning and personal growth, ultimately transforming the landscape of education.

T-LAB: Transforming Education

T-LAB’s platform stands out in the realm of online education by providing users with comprehensive learning options. Offering a diverse array of courses, workshops, and seminars, T-LAB ensures that learning is accessible to all. Whether users prefer physical or online learning experiences, T-LAB caters to their needs, empowering individuals to pursue personal and professional development on their own terms.

Central to T-LAB’s accessibility is its mobile app, which boasts nearly 250,000 active users. With the app, learning becomes conveniently available at users’ fingertips. Streamlining the process of course discovery, registration, and engagement, the app enhances the overall learning experience, facilitating seamless access to T-LAB’s educational offerings.

Mohammad Al-Suraye’s vision for T-LAB encompasses accessibility and  a commitment to promoting Arabic language content. Recognizing the importance of catering to the local audience, T-LAB prioritizes offering courses and workshops taught in Arabic. By doing so, T-LAB ensures that learners across the Arab world have access to high-quality educational resources in their native language, fostering a stronger connection to the content and facilitating more effective learning outcomes.

Mohammad Al-Suraye: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

In its early stages, Dawrat, co-founded by Mohammad Al-Suraye, faced hurdles convincing training centers and skeptics of its Arabic-language platform’s viability. However, adapting their strategy by embracing individual trainers and diversifying content proved successful. Dawrat attracted a growing user base, amassing over half a million followers monthly and establishing itself as a trusted educational marketplace.

Transitioning to T-LAB, challenges persisted, including onboarding training centers and overcoming skepticism about online learning. Yet, the team’s dedication to meeting diverse learning needs paid off. With over half a million monthly followers benefiting from its offerings, T-LAB emerged as a leader in online education, recognized for its innovation and commitment to enhancing the learning experience.

Future Ahead

Looking ahead, T-LAB remains focused on growth and evolution. The team is committed to expanding its online course offerings in response to increased demand, ensuring that users have access to an even broader range of educational resources. Additionally, T-LAB plans to introduce customized courses tailored to the specific needs of companies, further solidifying its position as a versatile and dynamic educational platform poised for continued success.

Mohammad Al-Suraye’s journey exemplifies resilience, innovation, and a commitment to education. Through T-LAB, he has transformed how Kuwait approaches learning, leaving an enduring legacy.

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