Most Successful Gulf Entrepreneur

Raghav Jerath

Reggie Raghav Jerath: Changing the Face of the Digital Monetization

Reggie Raghav Jerath, Founder & CEO, Gather Digital technologies are changing the way we do business. The major advances in technology, massive shifts in consumer buying behavior, changes in government policies and regulations, sharp e-commerce growth, and the global proliferation of connected devices have driven significant changes in the business world. Today, monetizing digitalization is […]

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Pratap Mendonca

Pratap Mendonca: Revolutionizing the Interior Design and Fit-out Industry with Innovation Solutions

Pratap Mendonca, Co-founder of Design Infinity Interior design has become an integral part of our living and workspaces over the past few years. People moving into a new office or business, always like to brighten up the place and decorate to give it a certain vibe. With creativity and innovation, interior designers and the execution […]

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Jason Hayes

Jason Hayes: Redefining the Real Estate Industry

Jason Hayes founded In this digital era, the aspirations of property buyers and the expanding world have created great scope for marketers. Every brand strives to create lasting and unique customer experiences for its consumer base in a world of rich digital experiences. Nowadays, the digital medium is emerging as the key marketing medium while […]

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Edyta Kochanowska-Holc

Edyta Kochanowska-Holc: A Graceful Leader Set To Create a New Frontier in the World of Fashion

Edyta Kochanowska-Holc, CEO & Founder, BeMystique Nothing in this world is attained with sheer luck. Success comes to those who dare and act. It takes a great deal of diligence, perseverance, and dedication to reach new heights. Especially in the world of fashion, where change occurs as fast as a blink of an eye, making […]

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