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How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Branding isn’t just for celebrities, influencers, or companies that are trying to grow. Creating a powerful brand is a must if you are looking for a better job, better clients, or if you are trying to get recognition from others. To know the importance of personal branding, just Google yourself and see where it takes […]

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How to cope with failures and setbacks as an entrepreneur?

How to cope with failures and setbacks as an entrepreneur?

Starting a business can be an exciting and challenging endeavour. As an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared to face various obstacles and challenges, including failures and setbacks. These setbacks can be discouraging and demotivating, but they are an inevitable part of the journey. The ability to cope with failures and setbacks is a critical […]

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gaming industry

How can entrepreneurs innovate and create new businesses in the gaming industry?

The gaming industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with more and more people playing games on a variety of platforms, including consoles, computers, and mobile devices. As the industry continues to expand, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to innovate and create new businesses that capitalize on this growth. The gaming industry is a vast […]

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conflict in the workplace

How to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is an inevitable part of any business and at some point in your career, especially if you are in a leadership role, you will find yourself dealing with conflicts in the workplace and you need to find the appropriate and right conflict resolution methods to help improve the situation. Whether it […]

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Start Up
Strategies for Growing Your Business Quickly

5 Strategies for Growing Your Business Quickly

For many small businesses, entering a growth phase is an exciting time, and when you first launch your company, your main objective is to establish your brand and expand. As more and more customers begin to recognize your value proposition, you can finally afford to grow your business and fund new initiatives. Unfortunately, growth is […]

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War In Ukraine

War In Ukraine: What Happened On The 21st Day Of Russia’s Invasion?

As the war between Russia and Ukraine entered its 21st day, the situation remains tense between both countries. With Russian forces thumping Ukrainian cities, inching towards the capital Kyiv in a relentless bombardment, the humanitarian crisis in this war seems to be deepening in the third week. Still, with more talks taking place between the […]

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Successful Micropreneur

5 Key Steps to Becoming a Successful Micropreneur

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are running a business with less than five employees. Or perhaps you don’t have any employees. Do you have to wear multiple hats for managing all the tasks and business activities including marketing, payroll, meetings, and budgeting? If yes, you can consider yourself a Micropreneur. […]

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start up hire

What makes a good early stage start up hire?

The conundrum of finding or formulating a befitting formal education for entrepreneurs is ongoing. Most people believe entrepreneurship cannot be taught and the skills required to launch and lead a start-up to success cannot be acquired. Rather, these are traits wired in the individual from the beginning- curiosity, a questioning gaze, a knack to look […]

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Can entrepreneurship be taught

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

When the pandemic hit businesses around the world, some were able to stay afloat. Others couldn’t cope and faced great losses. What made the difference? What became the deciding factor? As it turns out, the key to the success of some was effectuation. Those who had entrepreneurial acumen could easily identify the emerging needs during […]

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Grow Your E-commerce Business

4 Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Business

Amid this global pandemic, the e-commerce business is booming and has achieved sales that were unthinkable a year ago. E-commerce has helped companies to swiftly get along with the impact of COVID-19 as a new wave of online companies started. Many old and new companies have been forced to pivot to E-commerce to just survive […]

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How to Master the Art of Negotiation | The Art Of Negotiation | Art of negotiation tips

Tips to Master the Art of Negotiation & Closing Deals

The art of negotiation and closing deals is a crucial skill that every entrepreneur must master. It involves the process of discussing and bargaining with the other party to reach an agreement that benefits both parties. Negotiation is a fundamental aspect of business transactions and can have a significant impact on the success or failure […]

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Psychology convert more Customers

5 Psychology Insights that can help you convert more Customers

Have you ever asked yourself, “What makes the customer buy your product?” If you want to be successful in the business world, you must understand people.  Understanding people’s personalities and how they influence decisions is essential for good business decisions. Still, it’s also the first step in building brand awareness and letting potential customers know […]

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Brand Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Brand Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

I frequently ask myself which superpower I would choose if I could have any. Is it the capacity to fly, read minds, or be invulnerable? These days, I also wonder which strength the Brand and Marketing Strategy teams would choose if given a chance to improve their brand. Is it a higher return on investment, […]

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Social media marketing

How Social-media Flipped the Digital Marketing World Upside-down

Marketing has always laid its focus on the platform where the target audience spends most of their time. Before social media, television and radio advertisements, magazines, and newspapers dominated the world of advertisements and the marketing industry was based on understanding and producing content that worked for these platforms.  These platforms were highly paid in […]

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Inbound Marketing: Benefits and Frustrations

Originally, marketing envisions two approaches – push and pull. Push marketing involves efforts to convince consumers to purchase your products. This is the conventional type of marketing and it focuses on products and their features. Pull marketing, on the other hand, focuses on values and brand awareness. It involves activities that pull customers towards the […]

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