Employee Retention: Why is It Important?


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The art of keeping your employees after you have hired them is called employee retention, and it will be more crucial than ever in 2022. 

You might wonder why, and the answer is that we live in a post-covid era where many startups perished. Still, only a few startups and large multinational corporations benefited from the pandemic. 

Employees realized the value of their skills at this time and were aware that if they were skilled enough, they could land jobs at the best companies in the world. Employees realize the importance of extra incentives and advantages that their skills can earn, and they are ready to hop on to an organization that agrees with their terms and conditions. 

As a result, businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of being a “people” company in terms of competitive advantage. 

Understanding employee retention risks and implementing strategies to reduce talent attrition rates is a fundamental facet of human capital management. The cost of employee turnover is incredibly high, impacting not only operational costs but also revenue, productivity, customer experience, company culture and more. 

Keep reading this article to find out Why employee retention is important and how it can be your competitive advantage. 

What is Employee Retention? 

Employee retention refers to the strategies and processes an organization develops to keep its top talent and avoid any turnover risks.

Employee turnover and retention are major workforce management challenges for many businesses because they increase operational costs for employers and jeopardize their ability to grow and make money. 

Successful U.S. businesses lose at least $1 trillion annually due to voluntary employee departures, many of which departing workers claim their managers or companies could have avoided. 

Employee Retention Importance in 2022

Retaining your employees is more important than ever, and there are two reasons for this. 

The first reason is that it is never easy for regular customers to look elsewhere if they feel that your service levels don’t match their expectations. We live in an age of social media where everything is available via a few taps of a smartphone screen. 

Want hotels to stay in? Oyo can recommend hundreds of hotels for a stay, or if you want to book a taxi, Uber can help you. You get the idea. 

Despite our comforts, consumers will continue to be loyal to the products and services that treat them well and offer high-quality work. Good employees help you deliver good service; losing good employees is the same as losing devoted customers. 

Second, searching for jobs online takes time and money and is difficult for employers and employees. If your employees are unhappy with the work and how you treat them, they will move on. Please don’t assume that they will endure a miserable job because they have no other options. 

I agree that finding a good job will take some time, but if you don’t treat your employees well, it will cost you money and good candidates.

On the other hand, your rivals may be beginning to realize the advantages of being a “people company.” They will be more than happy to take your top workers and treat them with dignity.  

Closing Thoughts

By keeping your employee, you can avoid having to go through the hiring process again. Your employees will be happier if you keep them because they feel valued and significant to the company. Employee performance and customer service improve when they are happier and more engaged at work. 

People are just beginning to realize that employee retention is a competitive advantage because people value good customer service more than ever. If you can provide that, you will have a serious head start on your competitors. 

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