Haji Habibullah Pirzada: The birth of an undisputed global leader of the modern generation


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Haji Habibullah Pirzada, Founder & CEO, ACCL International

To quote Booker T. Washington, “…success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.” The real joy of comes from overcoming the hurdles that life throws at us. It takes lot of courage, perseverance, and dedication to translate one’s vision into reality. Haji Habibullah Pirzada, the founder and the CEO of ACCL International is one such example of a passionate business leader who, directed by strong faith and determination in himself, refused to surrender before the impediments of life and with continuous effort reached the pinnacle of glory and success. 

Until 1994, for Haji Habibullah, life was no less beautiful than a velvet walk. Things changed for worse due to the outbreak of war, when he had to abandon the comfort of a very smooth and secure life in Afghanistan and move to Pakistan with his family. For him and his family everything had to be started from the scratch. Being rooted in a family of businessmen, he was strong enough and remained undeterred even during the turbulent phases of his childhood and went on his way to start up something that could support his living and help him continue his studies. Thus, for the first time, Haji Habibullah Pirzada stepped into the world of business as a dealer in stationery goods. Driven by his passion for business and guided by his philanthropic spirit, Pirzada also started working as a real estate agent to provide a home for the hapless Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

The formation of ACCL International and a journey of a man into a world figure

The zeal to do something of his own laid the foundation stone of his first construction company, ACCL International, in 2002. Since then, there has been no looking back. In 2004, Pirzada cracked his first contract for 4, 5000 USD. With the succour of his family and colleagues and by applying his knowledge with skills, Pirzada started generating ideas, one after another.  Apart from construction, logistics and life support were also added to its wings and gradually  ACCL International blossomed into a full-fledged international brand of good repute. “Our clients are our bosses. I always make sure we knew what our clients needed”, asserted the entrepreneur.

For this business tycoon, success is not only living for yourself. It is more of contributing to the wellness of mankind and society. Even being a hard-core business person himself, for Pirzada, family always lies on the highest pedestal and he makes sure he is always by their side through kith and kin. “Personally, I am always traveling abroad because of work matters, I always plan ahead of time, like months before, it so there will be no mishaps, about my schedules; and if in any case, there will be an emergency, I always make sure to top the priority, my family”, Pirzada broods over. 

The idea of a good leadership is to embrace all

Leadership connotes the idea of empowering yourself, collaborating with your people, and earning their respect with the effective implementation of the power of faith and integrity. For a businessman like Mr. Pirzada, a good leader must be a good follower. In his view, a leader must be capable of reposing trust in his team members, their ideas, and their knowledge. There must be a strong understanding between a leader and his followers to build a better workplace and stronger network. He believes in grooming himself and his team with an attitude of togetherness. Thus, Pirzada keeps faith in dissolving the difference between a leader and his follower. 

Leaders like Pirzada never fear losing anything that might keep them confined or cocooned and don’t allow them to accept challenges. With the help of extensive knowledge and experience that he acquired in his long and insightful journey of a businessman, Haji Habibullah always kept on cultivating new opportunities. For a celebrated personality like him, if one has to achieve bigger dreams, one should never avert uncertainty. In the seeds of failure lies the fruit of success; with this vision in mind, Pirzada affirms “The best advice is “Take the risk!”. If we will not take the risk, we cannot know if that will be a success or a failure. However, both have positivity; our failures are the best teachers.”

The future of ACCL International and the blooming of its founder as a successful entrepreneur

 As we all may know, hard work is the elevator that takes us to the destination of success. For a wise and astute business personality like Haji Habibullah Pirzada, one should have the foresight to gauge the future and invest wisely. Even big corporate houses had to face the cascading effects of the economic downswing during Covid-19. ACCL too had to go through such a volatile situation when the Taliban took possession of Kabul. But it stood strong and kept on operating in the face of all adversities.

True leaders always stay strong, even in the worst of situations. “I am always a risker. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and experiment with new things and new processes”, says the leader. As a dreamer, Mr. Pirzada keeps on extending his business by starting new ventures catering to the millions. Royal Restaurant, TPG Camp, ABC Supermarket, the The Pirzada Group of Factories – the manufacturer of our Baby Diapers, all types of toiletries and Mineral Water named Castle Water, and the Primest Logistic Company are some of the names to his credit. Today, ACCL International has numerous branches spread around different parts of the world. Haji Habibullah Pirzada, along with his ACCL International, has become an iconic name in the world market covering the USA, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, and most recently, we establish our businesses in Poland and Ukraine and, more to come in the near future in MENA.

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