What is Customer Data Management

One of the most valuable types of data that businesses can use to maximize marketing and sales efforts is customer data. Businesses that have access to customer identity, behavioral data (such as how long a customer spent on your website prior to making a purchase), and job title data can provide each customer with a […]

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Financial Tips for Young Adults

Why Millennials Are Struggling With Money: Financial Tips for Young Adults

Most millennials are now in their 20s and 30s, and it is high time for them to live independently and take responsibility for themselves and their loved ones.  Financial independence is a huge milestone for any person as it marks the point at which you are no longer relying on your guardians or parents to […]

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Creating Effective and Engaging Workplace Teams after the COVID-19 pandemic

Creating Effective and Engaging Workplace Teams after the COVID-19 pandemic

Two years have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and a lot has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to prioritize their workers’ health, ushering in the era of remote work. Workplaces were forced to adapt their operations to keep teams effective and engaged.  Many workplaces experienced a significant shift to remote and virtual […]

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Strategic Management

Strategic Management: Why is it Important?

Strategic management is the management of an organisation’s resources to successfully achieve its goals and objectives. It’s a plan to ensure that the business continues to grow and that the performance targets are met. By processing and creating plans and policies that are specifically created to achieve goals and then allocating the resources to start […]

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Time Management

6 Tips To Master Time Management at Work

Everybody has experienced difficulties with time management at work at some point in their lives. You wake up optimistic that not only will all your deadlines at work impress your higher-ups, but you will hit the gym on time, later make healthy food and eat it with your family.  Then life happens. You wake up […]

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Crab Mentality in the Workplace

Dealing with Crab Mentality in the Workplace

In psychology, the term, ‘The Crab Mentality’ is used to illustrate the selfish, harmful, and jealous mindset of people who will constantly try to undermine and halt the progress of better-performing people in a group.  There’s a story behind the origin of this term. A man once sat on a fishing dock and observed a […]

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Global Warming and Climate Change

A Reminder of Global Warming amidst the Global Pandemic

The global crisis has shocked the world causing more than 2 million deaths globally. The potential threat and the contagious nature of the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to implement worldwide lockdowns to stop the spread of this novel virus. As the virus and death rates continue to rise, along with the restrictions, economic activity is […]

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Shattering Glass Ceiling

Shattering the Glass-ceiling with Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

A woman clad in a sharp blazer with a baby in her arms is bound to make heads turn as she walks down the subway to work. Truth is, even after all these years of breaking stereotypes, women continue to be bound by some very strong ones. The range of emotions and moral obligations attached […]

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