Crab Mentality in the Workplace

Dealing with Crab Mentality in the Workplace

In psychology, the term, ‘The Crab Mentality’ is used to illustrate the selfish, harmful, and jealous mindset of people who will constantly try to undermine and halt the progress of better-performing people in a group.  There’s a story behind the origin of this term. A man once sat on a fishing dock and observed a […]

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Global Warming and Climate Change

A Reminder of Global Warming amidst the Global Pandemic

The global crisis has shocked the world causing more than 2 million deaths globally. The potential threat and the contagious nature of the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to implement worldwide lockdowns to stop the spread of this novel virus. As the virus and death rates continue to rise, along with the restrictions, economic activity is […]

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Shattering Glass Ceiling

Shattering the Glass-ceiling with Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

A woman clad in a sharp blazer with a baby in her arms is bound to make heads turn as she walks down the subway to work. Truth is, even after all these years of breaking stereotypes, women continue to be bound by some very strong ones. The range of emotions and moral obligations attached […]

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Role of HR

Role of HR in Organizational Success

The workforce is the lifeblood of any business; they are the ones that drive the performance and profits of an organization. So, it is always important to pay heed to employ the right workforce that suits a company’s objectives. This is basically where HR enters the scene. However, they aren’t restricted to just that. Human […]

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Mental Health at the Workplace

Initiatives to promote mental health at workplace

The workplace is probably the most frequented environment for people of adulthood; therefore, it is not surprising that this experience can affect the quality of life. Therefore, a company that neglects the well-being of its employees can compromise the physical and mental health of everyone. This is what warns the World Health Organization (WHO), which […]

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work from home 2021

Home Office 2021: A guide to work from home

With the global spread of COVID-19, many people needed to stay at home, and several employers encouraged remote work to become a new practice among different corporations. Even so, after the first moment of the world crisis, the Home Office has become a new lifestyle, full of unique challenges and, above all, demanding an extra […]

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Women Entrpreneur

Tips for women entrepreneurs for starting their own business

The significant growth of women in the entrepreneurial market is admirable and can be seen from afar. After a lot of effort and dedication over hundreds of years, women are finally satisfactorily occupying their space. We live in a society that considers man as dominant in the business world.  Even today, the image of success […]

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Is your company ready for resuming business from office?

The world is still going through one of humanity’s greatest health crises, which should last a few more months. The fact is that the economic impacts of Covid-19 are part of the “new normal”, that is, the entire society will have to adapt to this new reality for the future, adjusting processes and even habits. […]

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