Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


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We live in the era of social media and connectivity. An era in which the relationship with brands has become much closer and in which information travels bi-directionally between companies and consumers. The advantages of these platforms are enormous. Thus, companies are investing more and more in social networks, because, through them, they can present, and consolidate their brand at a much lower cost when compared to traditional media. 

However, you must be prepared not to put your image at stake, as you do not know how to position yourself properly in this area. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is possible to learn from others’ failures, don’t you agree? Therefore, here we have separated the marketing errors on social networks that every company needs to avoid, either to improve the performance of its campaign or not to run the risk of image wear and tear!

Not having a well-defined social media marketing strategy

It is not enough to have an Instagram profile or a Facebook page to win customers. Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? However, many companies still think that their mere presence on social networks will be synonymous with success. 

If there is no well-developed social media marketing plan and goals to be followed, your brand will be just one more and, without strategic planning, you will still be at risk of being harmed.

Talking only about own brand 

The content of many Fan Pages is restricted only to their “wonderful” products and services. Is that what your target audience wants? If someone has already liked your Facebook page and follows you on Instagram, it is a sign that they already admire you. So, how about sharing relevant and funny information that has to do with your niche market, but that is not specifically about your company? A common mistake like this ends up making your participation in a given social network boring, but some companies do not take this into account.

Ignoring the strength of video content

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. Comparisons aside, videos add a depth that words and images cannot always achieve. The addition of sound and movement generates a level of engagement that other posts cannot compete with. And in a universe where captivating content is everything, it is impossible to ignore the strength of video content. 

In the United States alone, 85% of the public watches online videos, and 92% of the videos viewed on a mobile device are shared. This means that all the videos you post have a 78% chance of reaching a user to whom they were not directed. Video content is the pinnacle of smart work in social media marketing.

Excessive or misuse of hashtags 

Hashtags can seem a little scary when you start using them. You want to make sure you use enough for people to find your content, but there is always a risk of overdoing it. With hashtags, it is better to err for less. Most platforms have their guidelines for choosing effective hashtags, and it is wise to familiarize yourself with how they work on the most different networks. Hashtags must be brand-specific, while related to the content you have posted. 

In this case, common sense is your best friend when it comes to choosing hashtags and can help you a lot when you don’t know what’s relevant to your niche. It is essential to use some of the most popular hashtags to interact with a larger online community, but it is also advisable to include niche hashtags that best describe your content and your brand. Typically, the number of relevant hashtags varies across platforms, but you should never over-tag a post as this may seem like desperation for engagement.


It may seem tiring, but making sure you are at the forefront of social media changes will put you ahead of the competition. Remember that the most important things you can do for your brand are to identify your audience and then engage them regularly. And don’t forget that you are also developing a community that needs to be nurtured and cared for.

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