Trends that will transform digital marketing in 2021


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So far, digital marketing trends for 2021 seem to revolve around two different but almost contradictory concepts. First, it is a general humanization, addressing real issues and tailoring content to suit the individual (as opposed to mass appeal) for more personal engagement. The second is a much more mechanical and technical optimization, tweaking areas behind the scenes like SEO and the way campaigns are structured. 

Below, we’ll cover some of the hottest digital marketing trends for the year 2021, to give you an edge over your competition. Take these marketing trends to heart and consider them when you design your digital marketing strategy for the New Year.

Top digital marketing trends in 2021 that you should know

Social media 

The prolonged confinement and the new reality of teleworking contributed on a large scale to the social media strategy to occupy a prominent place. Today, social networks bring people together and favor the speed of digital content transmission.

 In 2021, social media will be one of the digital marketing trends you should follow closely. For B2B companies within the scope of Social Selling, since it allows them to adopt a one to one type of communication approach (Account-Based Marketing) and B2C companies within the scope of new possibilities for research and purchase of products online. 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube will be the main social platforms of 2021.

User-Generated Content 

We are talking about videos, images, and reviews, among other content, which are created by consumers and whose potential is increasingly used in digital marketing. User-generated content can be much more persuasive and generate greater credibility and interest in a brand. Its authenticity is very effective in creating a positive “word of mouth” chain. 

Besides, it brings brands closer to their consumers because it is based on common people and lifestyles, reporting to experiences with which the audience can easily identify. Therefore, it “humanizes” brands through consumer empowerment. The covid-19 pandemic strengthened the importance of user-generated content and gave it even more scope, as a result of the constraints of confinement and social detachment. Many brands have used images of closed consumers at home in their campaigns.

Virtual events 

In 2021, virtual events will continue to be part of the strategy of the brands that saw in 2020, their costs decrease, and ROI rates increase with this type of action. Emphasis will be placed on rights, which are broadcast on numerous channels simultaneously, and which are closer to the real experience of participation, even with all the risks involved.

Sharing Videos

Nothing substitutes for human contact and, online video is the closest to personal interaction. And, this will continue to be a strong trend in digital marketing for 2021. According to a Cisco study, video will account for 82% of all Internet traffic in 2021. Because it is versatile, the video will allow you to create content from different formats, adapted to the needs of your audience, depending on the stage they are in the consumer’s journey. 

Studies show that in 2021, people will spend about 100 minutes a day watching videos and the interest in this type of content will go beyond entertainment – video has been predominant in sales.


Now you are aware of the Digital Marketing trends for 2021. The year 2020, marked by the pandemic, presented new trends for brands and accelerated other movements that had already appeared in recent years.

 So, it’s time to prepare for them. Do not forget that the pandemic is not over – we will still live with some instability for some time. But companies that plan and anticipate changes are better prepared to face them.

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