Why every company should have an SEO strategy


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Surely, you have heard many times about SEO positioning, and how it can positively impact the results of your company. If so, today, we will clear up your doubts and tell you the most relevant aspects to take into account when implementing an SEO positioning strategy on your website. 

Let’s start at the beginning, its acronym in English means:  S search Engine Optimization, translated into Spanish as optimization for search engines, that is, it is a process that aims to improve the visibility of a Web page in organic results search engines. As in other disciplines of Digital Marketing, SEO has progressed a lot in recent years, but without a doubt, it is based on two basic pillars: the authority and relevance of the site.

  • Authority: It is the importance of a website compared to others. To achieve a high level of authority, it is necessary to carry out different SEO Off-page techniques concentrated on the external elements of the site. The objective is to improve the indexes that determine the popularity of a website in search engines through link-building strategies, presence, and reviews on social networks or mentions in various media, among others. 
  • Relevance:  It refers to the relationship between the Keywords that a user enters in a search engine to make a query and the correspondence of the request made within a Web page. In this case, On-page SEO techniques are used to improve the internal skeleton of the site.

Why is it essential to implement an SEO Positioning strategy in your company?

The advantages of having a well-planned SEO strategy are innumerable, but the main one is that the course of the business on the internet, to receive interested potential customers regularly over time, will be on the right track. This is the potential that web positioning (SEO) offers you through the SEO strategy.

Let’s check some other benefits of SEO positioning

Reduce dependence on SEM campaigns: By achieving good organic positioning, the need to invest in paid positioning strategies is educed. 

Improve the user experience within your website: an On-page SEO strategy is based on making improvements within your page so that users find the answer to what they are looking for in a fast and efficient way. 

Increase the visibility of your company: There are currently numerous pages that offer the same content and products as yours. If the selection of Keywords is correct, and your website manages to position itself on the first page of search engines, you will have more chances of receiving more visits than the rest of your competitors. 

Increase the impact on Social Media: A good SEO positioning strategy will work in accordance with social networks, to generate links to them through titles and descriptions.

 It is a long-term investment: If you have a good SEO strategy in place, you will be able to place yourself in the top positions of the search engines, which will result in obtaining free quality traffic. 

It is a measurable and optimizable strategy: To know if your SEO strategy is well implemented, you can measure its results over time, and correct errors that are not having the expected performance.


If you are not on the first page, it is a sign that your company is losing the battle of the click and is not having organic traffic. SEO (when done well) will help you (over time) to position yourself on the first page of search engine results and this is a mandatory condition for anyone who wants to have greater exposure to your brand or products and services.

Now that you have learned about the importance of SEO for companies, will you let yourself be outdone by the competition and fall behind?

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