5 Psychology Insights that can help you convert more Customers


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Have you ever asked yourself, “What makes the customer buy your product?” If you want to be successful in the business world, you must understand people. 

Understanding people’s personalities and how they influence decisions is essential for good business decisions. Still, it’s also the first step in building brand awareness and letting potential customers know who you are. You have to understand what customers need and how you can provide them, and more importantly, you have to understand the psychology of clicking “buy now.” 

I’ll be giving you a few tips in this article on how to use psychology to convert more customers. With this knowledge, you will quickly be able to increase your sales and send your revenue off the charts. 

1. Analysis paralysis and consumer behavior

Analysis paralysis happens when a person or group overanalyzes or overthinks a situation so much that forward motion or decision-making becomes paralyzed. 

According to research, rather than always focusing on the reasons people say “yes,” it is crucial to understand why they say “no.” 

Let us examine two phrases

  • ‘Enroll now in the course.’
  • ‘Hurry! Enroll now to get your dream job’

Not much of a difference. The results are profound, despite the possibly subtle wording. The second sentence, which discusses the “dream job,” will pique consumers’ interest and hold their attention longer. 

People will become more open to making a move if it is implied that a small action is a good place to start. When making a request for people to take action, clearly identify a minimum in order to help people break through ‘action paralysis’

2. Power of Labels 

Consumer behavior research has repeatedly shown that people like being labeled and are more inclined to participate if they feel included. Giving the customer the privilege to feel special can be a great retention tool and turn them into promoters of your product in their friend circle.

3. Make it easy for people to buy your product

All of us are inherently lazy, and it is not a good or a bad statement; it is just how it is. We, humans, are designed in such a way that our brains want to keep us away from danger or any complex task. 

Let’s say I told you could win a million dollars in cash in exchange for one of the two tasks. 

  • The first task is to cycle continuously for 2 days without water and with no breaks 
  • The second task is to be confined to your home for 2 days. 

Which task would anyone choose? The answer is obvious, unless you are David Goggins. 

People will complete the task whichever may seem easier to them, which is called the law of least effort. 

While building a business, you have to remember people’s inherent laziness. Your goal should be to make your product as easy to purchase, access, and use as possible. 

Below are a few practical ways of making the task easier for the customer.

  • Clearly explain to the customer how to use the product on the landing page so that customers don’t have to worry about figuring things out. 
  • Make it easier for the customers to navigate their desired product. 

4. Your Product Should be Meaningfull 

People only care about being included in a brand’s message when they share the same values. In fact, more than 64% of people who said they had a close relationship with a particular brand said it was because they “shared values” with the business.

Communicate regularly and clearly with the consumers about your company’s values. They may like your product for its service, but the most loyal customers love what you stand for and how you can help them. 

5. Show Your Human Side to the Customers 

So why do you think ordinary people connect with actors even though their lives are completely different? Is it because they portray these characters that the audience can relate to them, or because they open up about their personal and professional lives to the audience? 

Similarly, people prefer to make purchases from those they can relate to and trust. 

If your customer cannot see that you are a normal person just like them with many flaws and is fine with admitting them, they will not be able to relate to you and probably will not buy from you. 

Tell your customers about your poor business decisions, how difficult it was to launch your business, and how your journey has gone so far. 

Customers will be able to trust you more if you open up to them about the errors you have made along the way. 

The more they trust you, the more sales you will make and the more your business will grow. 

Key Takeaways

  • To help the customers get past the “Action Paralysis” stage, remind them how easy it is to get started by giving access to the free trial for a course or providing two courses for one. 
  • Research has shown the customer’s trust companies that own their mistakes rather than blame external factors. 
  • Of all the customers who had strong relationships with certain brands, at least 64% said it was because of their shared values with those brands. 
  • Emphasize how your product or service can solve the relevant problems of the targeted customers. This allows the customers to connect with you at a deeper level.

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