OMG: Amro Bagedo’s Dining Scene Revamp in Saudi Arabia


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Saudi Arabia’s dining scene is a fusion of traditional Arabic cuisine and diverse international flavors, providing a culinary journey to suit any palate. From aromatic spices to gourmet delicacies, the Kingdom’s thriving dining scene reflects its rich cultural heritage and expanding culinary ambitions. Meet Amro Bagedo, CEO of Kraiv Investments, a dynamic entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia. With a passion for culinary innovation and a keen eye for opportunity, is poised to make a long-term impact in the F&B industry. Having lived in London and been exposed to a wide range of cuisines, he’s on a mission to create a new culinary scene for the Saudi Arabian market and the GCC at large. His unwavering drive fuels his desire to transform his country’s culinary landscape, connecting with guests and ensuring growth through innovative F&B concepts.

Bagedo grew up in the United Kingdom and was exposed to a wide variety of international cuisines. He experimented with both traditional British dishes and international cuisine. This sparked his interest in food and inspired him to start his own business. His goal is to open new restaurants to change how Saudis think about food. He wants to create a food scene that people will enjoy while also showcasing the region’s culture and diversity. He intends to collaborate with local artists, source the best ingredients, and create restaurants that feel like they are in Saudi Arabia. He wants Saudi Arabian food to be as good as food anywhere else in the world, but he also wants it to taste authentically Saudi.

Bagedo’s Master of Science degree, which specializes in strategy, marketing, and innovation, provides a solid foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors. This educational background demonstrates his commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary industry. His academic qualifications provide him with a comprehensive understanding of key business principles and strategic planning methodologies, enabling him to succeed. Beyond theoretical knowledge, his education instills a strategic mindset and creative problem-solving skills. 

Professional Background

Bagedo’s background in investment management provides a solid foundation for his culinary endeavors. His background in financial management, risk assessment, and strategic planning enables him to approach each project with precision and an eye toward long-term growth. Furthermore, his networking and business development skills have enabled him to form valuable partnerships, increasing the success of his ventures. His diverse skill set, combined with his passion for culinary innovation, positions him as a formidable force in reshaping the Saudi and international dining landscapes.

KOAB Jeddah: A Culinary Haven

Bagedo opened his first restaurant, KOA Jeddah, in November 2021, offering fancy food in a comfortable setting. KOA became a popular destination for foodies, impressing them with its exceptional menu and atmosphere. KOAB Jeddah stands for “Kingdom of Ambrosia Bagedo,” which reflects passion and vision for exceptional dining experiences. The name reflects his desire to create a place filled with delicious flavors. As soon as guests walk in, they sense a cozy and classy vibe, with everything meticulously designed to make their dining experience memorable. The menu combines international flavors with local ingredients to create a unique taste. KOAB Jeddah is more than just a restaurant; it is a place where guests can have an unforgettable dining experience that will leave an impression.

Expansion Plans

Bagedo has ambitious plans to expand his business in Jeddah. He wants to open a unique bakery and chocolate shop that will enhance the city’s culinary scene. He is not just concerned with his current restaurant; he wants to do more. He wants his bakery and chocolate shop to be different from others. The chef wants them to be fancy and special, complete with delectable treats. These new establishments will be an excellent addition to Jeddah’s food scene, demonstrating Bagedo’s passion for food and making the city even more appealing to food enthusiasts.

Venturing Across the GCC

Bagedo has ambitious plans to expand beyond Saudi Arabia and make a difference throughout the GCC region. He wants to introduce Cojean, a well-known health-food franchise from Paris, to provide new and healthy dining options. His vision extends beyond Saudi Arabia; he hopes to have a long-term impact on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and believes in introducing new and healthy eating options to the region. Introducing Cojean, known for its fresh and nutritious meals, aligns perfectly with promoting wellness and raising dining standards in the GCC. The GCC culinary scene is set to improve with the introduction of Cojean’s concept.

Bringing East and West Together

Bagedo’s approach focuses on combining Western and Eastern flavors to create a dining experience that is both unique and appealing to everyone. He wants Saudi Arabia to be known as a great destination for dining, entertainment, and exceptional service. His approach is more than just combining different flavors; it is about bringing together Eastern and Western cultures. Western culinary techniques are combined with East-inspired tastes to provide people all over the world with an unforgettable dining experience. His vision for Saudi Arabia is more than just highlighting the country’s rich culinary history; it also includes embracing influences from all over the world. Bagedo’s innovative ideas aim to transform Saudi Arabia into a vibrant hub for food innovation and cultural exchange. He wants his guests to have a fantastic time, sampling a variety of flavors that represent the best of both worlds.

Creating Impact

Bagedo’s ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impression on the dining scene, paving the way for a thriving culinary landscape in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. His vision goes beyond just business success; it includes societal benefits such as cultural enrichment and economic development. He hopes to create a ripple effect that resonates across communities, fostering a renewed appreciation for culinary innovation and cultural diversity. Through his ventures, Bagedo hopes to lay the groundwork for a vibrant culinary scene that caters to local tastes and receives international acclaim, establishing the region as a global hub for gastronomic excellence. Bagedo’s efforts are focused on sustainability, inclusivity, and community engagement to leave a lasting legacy that enriches lives and transforms the region’s culinary industry.


“I believe in the power of food to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences.”

“My goal is to introduce unique dining concepts that not only delight the senses but also leave a lasting impact on the culinary scene.”

“With creativity and innovation, we can elevate Saudi Arabia’s dining experience to new heights.”

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