Mohamed Saadeh

Mohamed Saadeh: Redefining the purpose of Holistic Facility Management in Qatar

Mohamed Saadeh, General Manger, Darwish Interserve Facility Management Business is not only about mining profits and making a fortune for yourself; rather it thrives on the transcendental idea of catering to a larger society. A true businessman always sets his goal towards transforming society and making lives better for the people. Our story today revolves […]

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Rehan Ali Syed

Rehan Ali Syed: A Profound Leader Making Travel Planning Simple, Fun, And Memorable for All

Rehan Ali Syed, CEO, Tawfeeq Travel Group Strong leadership is the bedrock of any business. But it takes a unique set of skills to be a leader in the travel industry. As one of the largest sectors of the global economy, the travel industry has a fast-paced, dynamic, unpredictable, and unstable operating environment that requires […]

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Margarita Zgurovskaya

Margarita Zgurovskaya: Inspiring Solopreneurs and Empowering their Businesses

Margarita Zgurovskaya, Founder, Shape Your Life Up There‚Äôs no doubt that women have made remarkable progress in leading the business world. One such epitome of passionate leadership making strides in the business landscape is Margarita Zgurovskaya, founder of Shape Your Life Up. Margarita founded Shape Your Life Up with a mission to mentor solopreneurs on […]

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Liezl Meier

Liezl Meier: An Exemplary Leader Exhibiting Impactful Leadership in the Hospitality Sector

Liezl Meier, General Manager, Voco Doha West Bay Suites The once male-dominated hospitality industry is now transforming with women increasingly taking the lead. Breaking the glass ceiling, more and more women are now setting foot in the dynamic sector, and achieving the remarkable feat, showing that entrepreneurship should no more be defined by gender.With the […]

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Eng. Irene Vidal

Eng. Irene Vidal: An ardent entrepreneur from the Gulf who turned challenges into possibilities

Eng. Irene Vidal, CEO, Facility Management & Maintenance Company, LLC Life is a rollercoaster ride that often takes us through several crests and troughs. At least to remain afloat, if not anchored, we must learn the art of wading through the rough tides. We gain wisdom in challenges; we are here to appreciate life not […]

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