Faisal Alatig

Faisal Alatig: Forging Connectivity in Telecom Leadership

Faisal Alatig, CEO, channels by stc In the ever-evolving telecommunications sector, innovation and adaptability are the twin engines driving seamless communication. Innovation fuels progress, while adaptability ensures it remains on course. channels, the sales and distribution arm of the stc group, stands as a leading force in the telecommunications sector, known for its innovative and […]

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Asaad Abu Zahra

Asaad Abu Zahra: A Fearless Leader with a Passion for Innovation and Commitment to Make a Lasting Impact

Asaad Abu Zahra, Managing Partner, Beaute Saudi Getting a business off the ground is often seen as a Herculean feat, and rightfully so. It calls for a whole lot of commitment, grit, and guts that not everyone can muster. But venturing into several business ventures at once, pouring in time and effort while boldly staring […]

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Abdulaziz Alsenan

Abdulaziz Alsenan: Empowering Fintech, Unleashing the Disruptive Trend of Technology

Abdulaziz Alsenan, Co-Founder, Sahem Financial Unveiling the chronicles of entrepreneurial pursuits is like immersing ourselves in the riveting journey of leadership through the visionary lens of an entrepreneur. We get a glimpse into the exciting twists and turns of his fortune and the myriad prospects and adversities that have shaped the entrepreneur’s path. Today, as […]

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Ali AlSheikh

Ali AlSheikh: Forging a Legacy withInnovation

Ali AlSheikh, Managing Director, Innovation Brains For Information Technology In the ever-evolving landscape of business, there has long been a pressing need for a centralised hub of innovative solutions that can cater to a wide spectrum of industries. Many organisations have grappled with the challenge of curating an effective repository of cutting-edge business tools and […]

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Shakeeb Kazmi

Shakeeb Kazmi: Changing The Face Of Events In Saudi Arabia

Shakeeb Kazmi, Managing Director, MCI Group In a world where success stories often seem to favor the privileged few, there are those whose remarkable journeys defy the odds and shine brightly. These are the stories of grit, determination, and unwavering ambition, proving that one’s starting point doesn’t dictate their destination. Today, we have the privilege […]

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