6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose Dubai for Business


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It is an established fact that Dubai is an ideal place for startups and entrepreneurs. With its accelerators and strategically designed opportunities for organizations, the advantages of establishing your business in Dubai are innumerable. The city has transformed itself into a global trading hub and ultimate investment destination in many sectors of the economy. Dubai is a perfect country for entrepreneurs to start any sized business.

We have listed 6 reasons to help entrepreneurs understand why Dubai is the best spot to set up their business.

Ideal Location

Strategically located between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai is a business hub for many businesses for import, export, tourism, international trading, logistics, IT, and many more. The city has access to the sea has one of the largest airports in the world. Through this airport, Dubai facilitates the transportation of goods and acts as a link between the East and the West. As a result, Dubai has an access to 2.5 billion consumer markets situated in Gulf, Asia, Africa, Europe, and CIS countries.

Favorable Tax Rates

In general, the UAE’s economy is the most liberal and most diversified in the region. Dubai government has implied a zero-tax policy for almost all kinds of startups, business activities, and corporate entities with exception of branches of international banks, hotels, and major oil and gas companies. The kinds of taxes that are NOT applied in Dubai are personal income tax, capital gains tax, value-added tax, corporate tax, and withholding tax.

A Highly Diversified Economy

Any business needs a steady, predictable, and booming economy to thrive in the business world. Dubai is an open economy that allows trading with other countries and helps business owners to predict and make long-term investments. Dubai’s open economy benefits businesses when it is in a bad financial position allowing it to take help from other countries and become financially stable.

Logistics and Infrastructure

With world-class infrastructure, Dubai is an important global hub for transport and cargo. The city provides all kinds of transport to people and is also well-equipped with facilities to ship products from one place to another. This advantage helps entrepreneurs to avail those facilities to provide a better service to their clients.

In addition to that, while starting a business in Dubai, an entrepreneur can find ready to move in offices, retail shops, warehouses, or manufacturing units, saving them time and money. During the last two decades, Dubai has built high-standard residential, tourism, industrial, and commercial facilities on a massive scale.


A business can be successful only with the help of an economy comprised of all the resources that are helpful and abundant. Being the most populous city, Dubai is rich in material resources and provides an abundant human workforce and financial assistance allowing the businesses to hire maximum and the most talented employees.

High-Quality Living Standards

As discussed, Dubai has a world-class infrastructure and along with that, it also provides unique and crucial public amenities. Although it has a high heat temperature, the city offers the best facilities and provides proper ventilation and electricity to its residents. Dubai offers a high quality of life and standard living conditions for the residents to enjoy. While enjoying the high living standards, entrepreneurs are motivated and inspired to be more productive by the positive environment. According to resources, UAE was ranked as the #1 country with the best quality of life in the MEA region and 15th in the world out of 160 countries.

Final Words

After discussing the advantages, we can confidently say that the capital city of UAE is safe, and supports all types of businesses and transport to smoothen the process of business. The Dubai government is taking all the measures and initiatives to welcome entrepreneurs to establish their business in Dubai easily. The growing economy and a range of business-friendly government initiatives have put UAE on the international entrepreneur’s radar. To sum up, UAE is among one of the best countries for starting a business that provides resources, infrastructure support, and economic growth.

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