Beyond the Ordinary: Scholar Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri’s Extraordinary Contributions to Business Innovation


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Traditional shopping has given way to the ease and convenience of mobile apps in this age of technological advancement. Online commerce, particularly through mobile eCommerce apps, has transformed consumer engagement. With robust online shopping capabilities, these apps provide a convenient platform for users to explore, purchase, and manage products directly from their mobile devices. Users can easily browse diverse products, receive tailored recommendations, and conduct secure transactions—all at their fingertips. In the age of technology, an award-winning international scholar, entrepreneur, and startup expert stands out from the crowd with an impressive track record spanning two decades: Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri, CEO of Snoonu.

Hamad’s educational journey began at Murdoch University, where he received a BEng in Electromechanical Instrumentation and Maintenance, laying the groundwork for a diverse academic career. Undeterred, he continued his studies at Teesside University, focusing on project management. He enrolled in San Francisco State University’s Project Accelerator, Entrepreneurial, and Small Business Operations program. His Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from Kyoto University was the pinnacle, demonstrating his dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. His journey ended with an executive MBA from HEC Paris, establishing him as a lifelong learner and visionary leader in technology, business, and innovation.

Hamad’s commitment to professional development is reflected in certifications such as PMP, Advance CIPS, and Advanced Project Management. His Executive Leaders Program certificate from Harvard Business School stands out, emphasizing the importance of leadership in his career. His dedication has led to him earning an Advanced Certificate in Innovation in Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to combining technological expertise with strategic marketing insights. His diverse skill set, combined with his unwavering pursuit of knowledge, qualifies him as a dynamic leader capable of navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

Diverse Ventures: Beyond Snoonu

Hamad’s entrepreneurial prowess extends beyond Snoonu, where he co-founded and is CEO of Oryxnet for Services, Lilac Landscape, Mieraj Holding Group, and Mshwar. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in driving success at Biryani Express Restaurant. His influence extends beyond business ventures; he has helped shape Qatar’s entrepreneurial landscape, encouraging innovation and growth. His career spans two decades, during which he has held key positions such as Head of Control System Offshore Engineering at Qatar Petroleum and Senior Project Manager at JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd-Japan. He demonstrated his leadership abilities while serving as the Senior Manager of PMO at Barzan Holdings-Qatar. Throughout his career, Hamad’s strategic vision and commitment have had an indelible impact on Qatar’s business and entrepreneurial fabric.

Snoonu: The Brainchild of Innovation

In 2019, Hamad’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn when he founded Snoonu. Based in Qatar, this startup implemented a two-phase launch strategy, introducing personal concierge and door-to-door delivery services in April and the innovative mobile eCommerce app in October of the same year. Snoonu quickly rose to prominence under His leadership, being recognized for its dynamic approach to service delivery and reshaping the local market. The app’s release was a watershed moment, bringing convenience and efficiency to customers while laying the groundwork for Snoonu’s continued evolution.

Snoonu aspires to become a fully functional eCommerce site, revolutionizing the way Qatari consumers shop online. With a user-friendly interface and a minimum delivery fee of QR 10, the platform distinguishes itself from the competition. Snoonu is committed to improving the customer experience and is constantly exploring new strategies, such as incorporating secure payment gateways and leveraging social commerce trends, to stay ahead of the changing e-commerce landscape.

Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri: Leadership Journey with Snoonu

Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri, an award-winning international scholar and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, is a prominent figure whose accomplishments are widely recognized. His notable accomplishments include guiding Snoonu to Forbes Middle East recognition, which demonstrates the company’s success under his leadership. Furthermore, Snoonu’s sponsorship of the services sector at the ‘Made in Qatar’ exhibition in 2023 demonstrates Al Hajri’s impact in addition to his accolades. This strategic move demonstrates Al Hajri’s commitment to the local business landscape as well as his role as Snoonu’s founder and CEO. These well-deserved accolades affirm Hamad Mubark Al-Hajri’s leadership abilities, highlighting the positive trajectory and influence he has had on the industry through Snoonu.


“Innovation is not just a word; it’s a mindset that fuels progress.”

“Success is a collaborative effort. Identify and leverage the strengths of your team to achieve goals beyond imagination.”

“Education is the foundation of growth. Every experience is a building block towards a brighter future.”

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