Brookfield-Led Investment in GEMS Education: Strategic Details and Consortium Dynamics


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Brookfield’s Strategic Role in GEMS Education Investment

Brookfield Asset Management has inked a significant deal to invest in GEMS Education, a leading international education provider based in Dubai. The partnership, announced via a joint statement, involves CVC Capital Partners reducing its stake in GEMS by 30%, a move reflecting strategic shifts after five years since its initial acquisition.

While specific financial figures remain undisclosed, the agreement is set for completion by the third quarter of 2024, contingent upon regulatory approvals. Key participants in this consortium include Gulf Islamic Investments, Marathon Asset Management, and the State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ).

Alongside the equity injection, GEMS Education has secured funding from a consortium of UAE banks to streamline its existing financial commitments. Established in 1959 as a family-run enterprise, GEMS Education has expanded significantly and now serves 140,000 students globally.

In a notable strategic expansion in 2019, GEMS’ Saudi joint venture acquired Ma’arif, the largest educational entity in the Kingdom, solidifying its regional dominance and educational prowess.

We view Brookfield’s investment in GEMS Education as a strategic boost for the region’s education sector. This partnership not only underscores Dubai’s position as a global education hub but also signals confidence in GEMS’ growth trajectory and educational excellence. The consortium’s involvement, including prominent entities like Gulf Islamic Investments and Marathon Asset Management, highlights the collaborative effort to enhance educational infrastructure and innovation across the Gulf. This move aligns with our mission to promote sustainable economic development through education, fostering a skilled workforce and nurturing future leaders in the region.

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