Zaed Al Mashari

Zaid AI Mashari: An epitome of exceptional leadership

Zaid AI Mashari, CEO, Proven Arabia The Gulf Entrepreneur is featuring Zaid AI Mashari as the cover story for 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs from Saudi Arabia in 2022. We want to tell Zaid AI Mashari story to many more people with an intention to inspire readers, especially budding entrepreneurs and thus embolden the entrepreneurial spirit […]

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Raed Alammari

Raed Alammari: An Innovative Leader with a Sustainability Vision

Raed Alammari, Founder, Rubber Future Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, achieving remarkable success in business and marking oneself in the business world is no piece of the cake. It takes years of hard work, determination, and excellent business acumen to overcome all odds in the journey to be successful. Many business leaders […]

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Tarek Youseff

Tarek Youssef: A man who dared to set a new precept of being an entrepreneur 

Tarek Youssef, CEO, Control Tap As they say, “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore”, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to chase a pie-in-the-sky dream and translate it into reality. It requires an indefeasible faith in one’s potential, and indomitable willpower that enable us to set […]

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