Content marketing: A powerful strategy to expand your business


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If you are interested in positioning your brand and become successful in the market, then regardless of what industry your company or business is in, it has to bet on digital marketing and social networks. And, for this, you have to understand the importance of creating content.

Creating the right content is the essential asset of content marketing, which plays a key role for companies to stay, aligned with the audience that will later become your customers. Today, people are accessing the internet every time and consuming a lot of content and changing the way of buying. 

For example, when an individual thinks about traveling or shopping, with the interest to know about the place, product, or services, the person will go for more detailed and relevant information, which is very obvious. Also, the individual will look for what people are talking about the particular product/services, and later they will decide to buy or not. 

And the trend is that more and more people have included access to the internet in their daily habits, which means that the internet proves to be an increasingly fertile ground for promoting products and services to companies.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic approach that aims to attract and retain public attention through the creation of content considered relevant. 

While talking about content marketing, it’s not just that building any content. It should be relevant content and be part of the company’s sales process. That way, it is possible to pass confidence and create an approach for those who are reading. Creating that closeness between you and your customer or potential customer makes all the difference.

Benefits of content marketing

Increases traffic to your site 

According to data from Content Trends, 80% of internet users use Google to search for information. This means that being present among the first Google results (which are always the most accessed) is the gateway to new leads. To be present in the top positions of Google, and producing relevant and complete content is the best way. Then, you will always be found by your audience and leave the door open for them to enter. The survey also found that companies that do Content Marketing have 1.3 more visits and generate 1.4 more leads.

Establishes your brand as an authority 

Sharing third-party content can help attract users, but not in building and consolidating your company as a reference in your industry. The production of your own and qualified content is the only one capable of making your company stand out. After all, to be an authority on a subject is to have precise knowledge. And you only demonstrate knowledge when you produce original content. It is with this strategy that you will fix your brand name in the head of customers and leads. That way, they will remember you first when they want to buy a product or service that your company offers!

You will get more customers, with minimal cost

Today’s customers are suspicious, even upset when approached without their consent. Content Marketing will establish a relationship with your audience, relevant to their interests, and viable in the long term. Content Marketing will impact your turnover over time, and its effects will increase as more content is added. This is a strategy that requires patience: the ROI will be minimal at first, but it will grow over time.

Content marketing techniques

Know your target audience by developing purchasing personas

A persona is a fictional representation based on surveys of the customer you are trying to engage with. With a carefully crafted shopping persona, you can visualize your ideal audience and relate to them in a more friendly way. Important elements for creating purchasing personas include data such as: 

  • Where the person lives 
  • Age and gender 
  • Education level 
  • Position and income 
  • Area of interests 
  • Purchase motivations 

It becomes much more challenging to get involved with people you don’t know. So if you haven’t spent any time developing efficient purchasing personas, now is the time to start.

Working on SEO

It is time to focus the strategy on the search engines. You have worked to capture user interest, but to reach them, it is also essential that you appear at the top of the search engine results pages. 

Don’t get obsessed with SEO, but keep that in mind. Use keywords that attract users and allow you to position yourself. For this, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the most used keywords and select the ones that interest you the most. 

The moment in which you launch your messages must also be one of the determining aspects of any of the techniques for content marketing. There is no specific time. You must carry out tests with your users to identify the most suitable one.

Try storytelling content

One of the most humanized indicated and practical strategies to attract people through content is to know how to tell stories. Build fictional or real storylines with the content you want to convey, to help people identify with your brand. If you have an emotional footprint, people will connect to brands through empathy and identification, not just because of the characteristics of the consumer good.

Concluding remarks

In a content marketing strategy, the organization focuses on planning on an overall perspective with business objectives in mind. It is about designing ways to engage the audience, using content, to drive profitable behaviors.

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