Do you know UAE entrepreneurs put family first, according to an HSBC survey?


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Entrepreneurs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a unique perspective on business management. According to a recent HSBC survey, UAE entrepreneurs value family above all else. This finding sheds light on these business leaders’ values and priorities, as well as valuable insights into the UAE’s entrepreneurial landscape.

According to an HSBC survey of over 1,000 UAE entrepreneurs, 78% of respondents prioritize their family. This strong emphasis on family is deeply embedded in UAE culture, which places a high value on family ties and relationships. The survey also discovered that 65% of UAE entrepreneurs have a family member involved in their business, emphasizing the value of family in their professional lives.

The first of these is how entrepreneurship runs in families. The UAE ranks high in this category, with 66 percent of respondents reporting a family business background. Switzerland (67 percent) and India (63 percent) have a higher proportion of entrepreneurs with family business experience. Overall, 54 percent of respondents from the nine markets identified as first-time entrepreneurs.

According to the HSBC report, entrepreneurs’ main concerns about passing on wealth to the next generation are family members’ work ethic (34%), desire to pursue personal goals (33%), and lack of interest in the business (33%). 

One of the motivations for this emphasis on family is the desire to leave a legacy. Many UAE entrepreneurs view their businesses as a way to provide a better future for their families, both financially and in terms of opportunities. By involving family members in their businesses, these entrepreneurs pass on their knowledge and expertise and ensure that the business’s success will benefit future generations.

Family networks are another factor driving this trend, as is the support system provided. In the UAE, families frequently play an important role in supporting entrepreneurs, both emotionally and financially. Members are frequently willing to invest in the company, give guidance and advice, and provide a large network of contacts. This support system can be critical to the success of a business, and UAE entrepreneurs understand the importance of having their family with them.

However, it is important to note that, while family is a top priority for UAE entrepreneurs, this does not excuse them from their professional responsibilities. On the contrary, the survey discovered that 83% of respondents work more than 40 hours per week, with many entrepreneurs working long hours for their businesses. This demonstrates their commitment to their work while also prioritizing their family.

The survey also highlighted the challenges that UAE entrepreneurs face when balancing their personal and professional lives. Running a business can be demanding, and entrepreneurs frequently face the challenge of juggling multiple responsibilities. However, the majority of respondents reported being satisfied with their work-life balance, indicating that they had successfully navigated these challenges.

Overall, the HSBC survey provides useful information about the mindset and priorities of UAE entrepreneurs. It demonstrates that family is at the heart of their decision-making and business strategies. UAE entrepreneurs are building successful businesses and laying a solid foundation for future generations by involving their family members in their operations and prioritizing their well-being.

Finally, the HSBC survey shows that UAE entrepreneurs place a high value on family in their professional lives. This emphasis on family reflects common cultural values and support networks in the UAE. By recognizing the value of family and incorporating it into their businesses, UAE entrepreneurs can build successful businesses while also providing a better future for their loved ones.

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