Essential tools for managing remote working team


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Remote work has become a trend around the world. This is because it comes with reduced costs, increases productivity, and encourages mobility. This ensures better results for the company and greater satisfaction for employees. And, with the current scenario, impacted by COVID-19 worldwide, the remote work ended up becoming an escape route for companies to continue producing even in the pandemic. However, for the benefits to be achieved, it is necessary to use some vital resources. 

With that in mind, here are some tools for remote work that facilitate team integration.


It is not because you are working remotely, so you will put meetings aside. Nothing substitutes for a live conversation to make certain decisions, agree on the next steps, or analyze what has been done. Therefore, videoconferencing tools are essential. Zoom has gained a lot of visibility recently, due to its ease of use and because it has some impressive features, such as allowing to show presentations. However, security breaches have also been widely reported. If this is a problem for your company, just choose another tool of its kind, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or


It is a communication platform for teams that supports different channels. It is a good option for those who have employees in the home office or different units of the company. It provides private conversations as well as a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible. Thus, the teams can exchange, share documents, and collaborate internally or externally from anywhere. 

The result is fast and efficient communication between team members, with updates being noted in the system. Thus, there is no loss of information in the paid version.

Dropbox business

It works with the concept of the cloud for the storage of files and images.  For a smooth-running business, it is necessary to have a single space for the team working remotely. Today, cloud-based technology makes it possible to create, store, and share files across the organization. 

You can use the Dropbox tool to upload and share your files. Another great option is Google Drive, which allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and other tools. When choosing a platform to create and store files, there are some important resources to look for: 

Security: The platform you work on needs to protect your assets from external attacks 

File and content synchronization: It is useful to have a platform on which content and files are automatically updated to reflect the most recent changes 

Accessibility control: You should be able to control who has access to different files and whether they can make changes to them

Having a reliable platform to store and create your files is the key to successful remote work. A solution like Google Drive can also help manage content and enable collaboration between teams.


It is an online collaboration and project management tool. It is one of the most suitable systems to improve productivity because it is easy to handle and has a great visual appeal. The idea is to record all activities, regardless of whether they are already in progress or have been completed.

 The advantage of Trello is that you can create as many cards as you want i.e. there can be different tasks inserted in the software. Still, several steps can be created for the execution of activities, which favors the visualization of how the services are being performed. Also, it is possible to insert comments on the tasks, which provides a gain in the fluidity of communication, since the information is centralized.


With these remote work tools, it is possible to maintain productivity, even if the team is not physically in the same space. Teleworking requires everyone to be more attentive and take care of the organization, but it also gives employees more autonomy and a sense of responsibility.

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