Hatem Kameli’s online gifting startups are changing how we celebrate special occasions.


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Technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors are reshaping the digital marketing landscape, with AI playing a critical role. Marketers are actively looking for new ways to create more engaging conversational experiences, highlighting the ongoing search for personalized and effective communication methods. This transformative journey extends beyond the digital realm into Hatem Kameli’s entrepreneurial saga, which began as a small-town dreamer and is now the CEO of Resal. He not only creates digital gifts but also reveals the future of Saudi Arabia’s startup ecosystem; his leadership is making a big difference in the region.

Hatem Kameli began his journey with an MBA certificate in marketing and a tech-focused bachelor’s degree; his journey combines innovation and strategy. His education has prepared him to navigate the intersection of technology and business, making him a pioneer. Understanding consumer behavior and staying updated with the latest technological trends, he emerges as a visionary leader shaping digital entrepreneurship. His academic accomplishments and practical experience place him as a leader in the evolving digital landscape, and he founded five startups, including Resal. Hatem’s entrepreneurial spirit propels iCLICK’s success and uses Resal to transform digital gifting. Undaunted, he co-founded Lucidya, a company that specializes in digital marketing. His vision propels startups to success, influencing the technological trajectory of Saudi Arabia.

He strategically positioned himself to ride the transformative wave after embarking on an entrepreneurial journey amid Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. With a deep understanding of the changing economic landscape, he not only capitalized on unprecedented opportunities but also expertly navigated the once-difficult startup environment. Incubators, venture capital, and innovative financing programs contributed greatly to the reshaping of the ecosystem into a dynamic ecosystem. Hatem’s foresight and adaptability were not only the foundations of his success but also played a role in Vision 2030’s broader impact on Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial landscape, serving as a testament to the Kingdom’s startup ecosystem’s resilience and growth. He is the Regional Director for BADIR, Saudi Arabia’s largest tech incubator. His visionary leadership fosters a dynamic environment in which startups can thrive, effectively bridging the gap between investors and emerging companies. Hatem Kameli, the driving force behind BADIR, continues to shape the innovation landscape, propelling the Kingdom towards technological advancement.

Resal’s Evolution in the Digital Gifting Landscape

Resal grew from a simple idea to an award-winning digital gift platform under the visionary leadership of Hatem Kameli. His commitment to inclusivity redefines gifting through innovative digital prepaid cards, serving individual consumers, corporations, and retailers. He seamlessly blends technology and the art of gifting, creating a digitally accessible space for joyful giving. Resal’s trajectory is likely to change as he pursues an audacious IPO. Resal expects a $1 billion valuation in the next three to four years, based on two million users and partnerships formed as a result of successful funding rounds. This journey reflects Resal’s evolution into a key player in the digital gifting landscape, with his ambitious goals highlighting leadership and the platform’s potential market impact. 

Resal’s Visionary Success and Navigating Startup Challenges

As a startup founder in a crowded venture capital market, he reflects on the difficulties of launching his businesses. These difficulties forged resilience, which served well in his role as a digital strategist. Unwavering energy converged to give birth to Resal, a testament to his vision amid Vision 2030’s transformations. The wave energized him, propelling him to develop a platform in line with the nation’s objectives. He strategically positioned Resal to thrive in an ecosystem that prioritizes innovation. Resal has emerged as a dynamic contributor to the entrepreneurial landscape under his leadership, embodying the spirit of Vision 2030 and Saudi Arabia’s economic evolution.

Resal’s Global Trajectory and Innovation in Digital Commerce

Hatem Kameli will propel Resal on an ambitious five-year trajectory to expand its global footprint to nearly 20 markets. His plan goes beyond borders, positioning Resal as the architect of a comprehensive network encompassing rewards, gift cards, and loyalty programs. This foresight not only establishes Resal as a dominant player in the digital commerce arena but also demonstrates a commitment to transforming it into a global powerhouse. 

When it comes to entrepreneurial foresight, his keen insights focus on untapped markets, particularly in the realms of entertainment and gaming. Recognizing Saudi Arabia’s vast potential, it anticipates significant growth in these sectors, capitalizing on the widespread adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Technology, youth culture, and social media require a forward-thinking approach, as Saudi Arabia’s changing landscape is characterized. It strategically places him at the forefront of innovative ventures, ushering Resal into a transformative journey in the dynamic digital landscape.

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