How chatbots can improve the business operation in quarantine times


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The new Covid-19 pandemic took many people by surprise. Companies have reinvented themselves to be able to continue operating without even knowing if it would work.  And, in this uncertainty, the digital world is already on the rise and is growing more and more. Concerts have been replaced by lives, face-to-face classes with distance learning, and e-commerce is emerging as the only viable option in the face of face-to-face purchases.

So, in this article, we will talk a little more about how chatbots are acting in this digital transformation in the middle of the dire crisis. And, how to execute it in a scenario of social isolation, where customers and employees need to stay at home? Let’s understand a little more about how companies can reshape themselves with the help of a chatbot.

What is chat bot?

A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence increasingly improved to imitate conversations with users of various platforms and applications, as it happens on Facebook and e-commerce sites.

In other words, it works as a kind of assistant that communicates and interacts with people through automated text messages. You, while surfing the internet, have certainly been approached by a chatbot, even though you haven’t realized it. But with a good example, it becomes easier to understand.

 Do you know when you visit a company’s website, and a pop-up window appears in the corner of the screen, making itself available to answer questions? That is a chatbot, a kind of active call center since you do not expect to look for it. 

The most sophisticated chatbots generally serve as personal assistants and can interpret a wide range of voice commands, but a basic chatbot is usually sufficient if you need to optimize your digital strategy as a company. In other words, it is an efficient and, above all, affordable tool.

With that in mind, we have produced an interesting article with the main reasons for applying chatbots on your website. Here we go?

How a chatbot can be essential for maintaining your operation during the pandemic

Helping hand to Human resources

Faced with an unexpected situation like this, which has affected the entire staff of a company, we know that it is necessary to act and take some significant measures such as establishing a home office or giving collective holidays to employees.

In this scenario, the human resources area will likely be bombarded with doubts that exceed the team’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently. After all, in times of emergency, this sector deals with all kinds of problems.

Many employee questions will be the same: How long will the home office last? Will the company bear the internet costs? What benefits will the company provide in this period? And, that can be simply answered by a virtual assistant, who in addition to reducing the waiting time for responses, will help the HR team to focus on other demands. 

Another possible approach for a chatbot in such an unusual situation is to use it as a conversational platform to keep employees engaged with the company, giving tips on motivation and productivity during the isolation period.

Contributes to the service flow

The truth is that some companies and segments have a huge flow of information. Depending on the situation, it is practically impossible to deal with all of them, even with a service team. It is so real that attending to several people at the same time can cause confusion in the information transmitted and decrease the quality of care. 

For this reason, chatbots, when accurately configured, meet these demands efficiently without running the risk of passing on wrong information, in addition to being faster than a real operator.

To connect with leads and customer

As mentioned earlier, chatbots use artificial intelligence to register users’ words and, later, to present more effective responses. In that sense, you can use this feature as an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

Yes, it is quite an opportunity.

Based on the message history of the lead or customer, the bot can suggest content that is related to the words used, and that awakens the user’s interest. From the terms most searched by them in the tool, you have valuable information to propose guidelines for your blog. And the benefits of this strategy are evident. 

By offering relevant and quality content, in addition to helping the user to solve their problem, you strengthen the relationship between your brand and the audience.

Concluding remarks

A chatbot can considerably help you and your users to go through this stage of learning and familiarization with new service and sales channels. The apparent “inactivity” of these months is something that many companies are going to take advantage of to explore the potential benefits of digital tools and return considerably strengthened, so that competition will be even greater and, we must be ready to risk it.

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