How to promote business on Instagram


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Currently, every entrepreneur or company needs to have an Instagram profile for business.  But to reap all the benefits that this social network can provide, you need to learn the techniques of those who already have results, making the profile of business on Instagram the ideal channel to leverage sales, strengthen the brand and for the creation and maintenance of a profitable relationship with your audience. 

If your Instagram profile is not working, do not panic, as it is not as simple as it seems to manage an Instagram profile for business, and that is why there are qualified personnel for this type of work. They study not only the tools and resources that networks offer but also the behavior of their target audience so that they can obtain the best results. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get good results. 

However, for this, you must be attentive to the tips and advice of those who already achieve the results. That’s what we propose here: We will give you ome tips on how to manage your Instagram profile for business!

Create a commercial Instagram account 

Instagram for Business, launched in 2016, allowed businesses to have access to exclusive features, such as the possibility to insert contact options (phone, email, and address) and track the profile of followers to analyze the best time for publications. 

When creating a business account, you must take care that it already picks the interest of followers. Use the company name to create your user, choose a nice photo with your logo, preferably the same used in other social profiles to help people instantly identify your brand. Write a simple and straightforward biography of what the company offers. Take advantage of this small space to convey the brand’s personality. Here it is worth using topics and emojis, which help to pass a lot of information in just one character. Add the link to your website, if you don’t already have it, and then note the development of the website as a pending issue. And in the future, after its creation, update your profile with this information and that of other channels as well.

Bet on Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is an excellent option to complement your organic strategy and generate even more leads. Currently, there are 5 types of ads on Instagram: Photo ads allow you to advertise your product or service through a beautiful image in your audience’s news feed. 

Video ads, on the other hand, allow you to share videos in the feed with up to 60 seconds, in portrait or landscape formats. Instagram also allows ads in Stories, a type of ad that is widely used at the moment. According to the social network itself, ⅓ of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from companies. Besides, Instagram offers another type of ad widely used to advertise more than one product, which is the carousel ad. This ad, however, consists of campaigns where users can swipe the screen to see more than one photo or video in a single ad. 

Finally, the last type of ad offered by Instagram is the so-called collection ads, where through video, images, or both, it is possible to focus on a product or lifestyle in an integrated manner.

Take advantage of the comments

Receiving alike doesn’t feel as special as being commented on a post; partly because the latter requires more time and attention. Although likes have indeed decreased in importance since Instagram began to hide them in some countries, perhaps this change will affect comments for the better. 

This surely leaves you wondering how you can earn comments or responses. Well, it is something similar to what happens with people in a meeting: the chances of receiving a response after commenting on a post are much higher than just giving a like. For this reason, you should comment on publications that are from users related to the approaches and values ​​of your brand or product account.


Instagram is an excellent tool for social media strategy for brands with strong visual potential. This smartphone application, with more than 100 million active users worldwide, helps you to promote your business through original photos. You create an image-based community, which will have the impression of being integrated into the daily life of your business. Instagram is, therefore, a key player in your 3.0 marketing.

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