Mohammed Alkhalid: Championing Climate Solutions with NABATIK


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Mohammed Alkhalid, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, has made it his mission to combat climate change through innovative solutions. As the founder of NABATIK, the first climate technology startup in the kingdom, Mohammed is revolutionizing the way we approach afforestation and environmental sustainability.

At the tender age of seven, Mohammed Alkhalid’s father planted the seeds of environmental consciousness within him. A simple yet profound experience of planting a tree in barren land ignited Mohammed’s passion for nature. This early encounter instilled in him a sense of responsibility towards the environment, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. Two decades later, as he reminisced about that pivotal moment, Mohammed found himself in the same area. To his astonishment, he stumbled upon a thriving tree—a testament to the enduring impact of tree planting. Inspired by this sight and fueled by his childhood pledge, Mohammed made a solemn commitment: to help plant 1 million trees by 2023, engaging communities in innovative ways.

Founding NABATIK: The Beginning

Mohammed Alkhalid began with a mechanical engineering background, but his passion for trees and nature drove him beyond traditional boundaries. In 2019, he founded NABATIK with a clear purpose: to make tree planting accessible and affordable for both individuals and corporations. His belief in the power of technology and nature-based solutions led him to create a unique business model that minimizes tree-planting costs while maximizing impact.

NABATIK: A Game-Changer

NABATIK’s mission is simple yet powerful: to plant trees across Saudi Arabia and beyond. By leveraging the latest technological trends, NABATIK has developed a platform that incentivizes companies to join the cause. Their unique business model minimizes costs, making it feasible for corporations to contribute to the ambitious Saudi Green Initiative goal of planting 10 billion trees.

Planting trees in the harsh climate of the Arabian Peninsula presents challenges—limited water resources, extreme temperatures, and challenging soil conditions. NABATIK tackles these obstacles head-on by relying on people’s good intentions and cutting-edge technologies. Their platform allows big corporations to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees, with each tree meticulously accounted for.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

NABATIK’s work aligns seamlessly with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting a profound commitment to environmental sustainability and global progress. One such goal is SDG 13: Climate Action, a cornerstone in the fight against climate change. Through their tireless efforts in tree planting and afforestation initiatives, NABATIK directly addresses the challenges posed by climate change. By strategically planting trees, they mitigate carbon emissions and contribute to the restoration of fragile ecosystems.

Furthermore, NABATIK’s endeavors resonate deeply with SDG 15: Life on Land. This goal emphasizes the importance of preserving terrestrial ecosystems and safeguarding biodiversity. NABATIK plays a pivotal role in enhancing biodiversity, restoring degraded lands, and promoting sustainable land management practices through their afforestation projects. By reforesting barren landscapes, they create vital habitats for diverse flora and fauna, fostering ecological balance and resilience.

In essence, NABATIK’s alignment with SDGs 13 and 15 underscores their holistic approach to environmental stewardship. By addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, NABATIK exemplifies the transformative potential of sustainable development initiatives. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, they pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

The Vital Role of Social Entrepreneurship

In Mohammed Alkhalid’s view, social entrepreneurship is vital to achieving the SDGs. It bridges the gap between profit and purpose, allowing businesses to drive positive change. By engaging corporations, NABATIK demonstrates that environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility.

The significance of social entrepreneurship extends beyond individual endeavors; it resonates with the broader framework of sustainable development. By aligning with the UN’s SDGs, social entrepreneurs contribute to collective efforts aimed at achieving a more equitable and environmentally conscious world.

Mohammed Alkhalid: Young Champion of Earth Nomination

Mohammed Alkhalid’s dedication caught the attention of the United Nations Environment Programme. As a young leader, he was nominated as a finalist for the Young Champion of Earth award—an esteemed recognition for his outstanding contribution to integrating technology with nature-based solutions. His work to offset carbon emissions through tree planting exemplifies his commitment to combating climate change.

Mohammed Alkhalid’s journey—from childhood tree planting to founding NABATIK—is a testament to the power of innovation, determination, and environmental stewardship. His vision inspires us all to take action, one tree at a time, towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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