Muhammed Awadh Ali: The Game-changer of Oriental’s Journey


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Muhammed Awadh Ali, Vice Chairman, Oriental Group

The Remarkable Rise of Oriental Group

Oman’s Renaissance brought forth winds of change, leading to a surge in growth and development across the Sultanate. As the construction industry became a vital player in this transformation, the demand for high-quality building materials increased. It was during this time that a small entrepreneur recognized an opportunity to establish a modern crushing plant, paving the way for the Oriental Group of Companies.

Since its humble beginnings, the Oriental Group has grown into a dominant force in the construction industry. As a 100% Omani-owned company, the Oriental Group is deeply committed to the country’s development and growth. The company’s passion for perfection makes its products the preferred choice of builders throughout the Sultanate.  

Mohammed Awadh Ali and the Success of the Oriental Group

At the heart of the Oriental Group’s success lies the inspiring story of a young entrepreneur – Mohammed Awadh Ali, a true game-changer in the business world of Oman. Fresh out of his postgraduate program, Ali joined Oriental Group as an assistant project manager in the same year. With his exceptional capabilities and drive to excel, he quickly rose to become a vital part of the company, applying all his theoretical knowledge to practicality by introducing new techniques that still serve the company today. 

His contributions did not go unnoticed, and after just a year and a half as assistant project manager, Ali was promoted to Vice Chairman, a challenging role that he undertook with the utmost dedication and determination. Ali’s efforts led to the success of the company, bringing about significant changes and unprecedented growth. He managed to navigate the obstacles faced by the Group’s various entities, even during the 2008 economic downturn and financial instability in the country. 

Ali had complete oversight of most of the company’s operations, including finance, HR, management supervision, and engineering. One of Ali’s most remarkable accomplishments was the implementation of his final project’s thesis assignment, optimizing the recipe of manufacturing blocks, during the 2006 company restructuring phase. The project’s success saved the company costs over 15% and resulted in highly efficient and disciplined employees. 

Ali’s utmost concern was to ensure customer satisfaction, and his diligent efforts resulted in successful outcomes. Thus, Oriental Group gained and maintained a solid market share for over 30 years with highly satisfied customers. 

Leading With Resilience

Since taking on the role of Vice Chairman, Mohammed Awadh Ali’s leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not content with merely achieving excellence, Ali has relentlessly pursued perfection, creating and implementing innovative systematic processes that have set new standards of quality and reliability. 

Under Ali’s visionary leadership, the Oriental Group has received awards for continuous superior quality and for implementing worldwide ISO standards. But what truly sets him apart is his open-door policy, which encourages communication and collaboration between departments, fostering an unbeatable team where everyone’s voice is heard.  

Despite the challenges faced by the company, including economic downturns and financial instability, Ali has led the Oriental Group with resilience and creativity. His checkpoints and reflection periods ensure that all processes and procedures are moving down the right track, minimizing mistakes, and quickly taking corrective action when necessary. 

With Ali at the helm, Oriental Group is poised for continued success in the years to come.

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