Nirvana Group of Companies: Streamlining carefree and ethical touring experiences for discerning travelers


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Alaa Al Ali, CEO, Nirvana Group of Companies

It’s finally dawn after a long spell of darkness and there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel of the COVID-19 pandemic. As life swings back to its natural rhythm, travelers too are out hitting the road again. Whether a vacation tour or a corporate trip, traveling is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. From ticket booking to hotel arrangements, there are endless activities that might get on your nerves and turn out to be drudgery.

Nirvana Group of Companies, headquartered in Abu Dhabi as Nirvana Travel & Tourism, has been actively working on eliminating your travel woes by optimizing your travel experience across the world, since 2007. No matter whatever be your travel statement and destination, Nirvana promises a hassle-free vacation for you. You never need to worry about Planning, Transportation, Accommodation, Logistics, or any kind of expert advice that could enrich your overall travel experience.

Founded as a travel and tourism company in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, the company has blossomed into a full-fledged travel management company, catering to both regional and global clients beyond UAE. It provides the most sought-after suite of 17+ services in visa processing, corporate travel solutions, concierge services, retail, and wholesale across all customer segments. Ranked as the most trusted travel management company in the world, the company boasts of its highly acclaimed network of 70+ offices, technologically-driven content management system, and a strong community of hospitality suppliers providing MAAS, transportation, and VIP Services. In addition, the brand is known for its specialized handling of UHNW VIPs and Government dignitaries.

Built over years of trusted relationships, the company is now en route to capturing GCC and the Middle East markets. With its top-notch travel solutions and unparalleled attention to detail and diligence, Nirvana unravels the joy of traveling with efficiency, agility, and freedom.

Flagship services

Nirvana offers a wide spectrum of an exclusive range of solutions and services best curated to give you the highest traveling experience. Whatever may be your destination or purpose of travel, the company ensures accessibility and efficiency to your best advantage. With its strong global presence, the organization is equipped with world-class resources, leading-edge technologies, and technical prowess to provide comprehensive online and offline travel solutions to diverse customers. Nirvana specializes in Corporate Travel Solutions • Wholesale Travel Services and Web Solutions • Retail Travel Services • Group Events Logistics and Services • Door-Door VIP Services • Luxury Accommodation Collection • Concierge and Lifestyle Management.

With its large-scale independent entities incorporating Nirvana Global Travel (NGT), Nirvana Over the World, and Nirvana Tours & Logistics (NTL) along with Nirvana Travel and Tourism (NTT), Nirvana group of companies strictly adhere to the protocol of sustainable growth, spanning across diversity.

Every aspect of NTT’s inbound and outbound services is designed to purvey 360-degree management services to private, semi-government, and government clientele facilitating both corporate and leisure travel, around the world.

NTL verges upon professional expertise in conducting quality tours and logistical services. Some of its major offerings are hotel bookings, transportation, event management, group tours, and much more. Their scope of services includes meet-and-greet, concierge, logistics, and transportation, which are proven to be the best in the industry.

NGT is the business travel management wing of the Nirvana Group. With the help of its extensive network of strategic travel partners around the world, NGT is adept at providing corporate travel management solutions ensuring seamless experience irrespective of the size and volume of business.

In a bid to empower its business and expand its customer base, the company believes technology to be the driving force that plays a vital role in providing ultimate services with ease of convenience. To leverage unique capabilities in technology, Nirvana has designed a state-of-the-art platform, N.O.W. for its B2B wholesales, travel agencies, OTAs, and DMCs. The platform is outfitted with a host of exemplary travel solutions and brings together the two aspects of the same spectrum – the suppliers and the buyers – under a common umbrella to facilitate on-ground assistance.

Why choose Nirvana?

The brain behind the brand, CEO Mr. Alaa Al Ali, is a passionate soul and a dedicated worker, who always seeks to turn challenges into opportunity. Since the inception of Nirvana, Mr. Ali has been instrumental in making Nirvana a global name in the travel market. It is under his stewardship that the company evolves every year by balancing customer service, internal operations, technological advancement, social responsibility, and product development. In the words of the CEO, true entrepreneurship involves “taking calculated risks, being innovative and creative, and having a strong drive to succeed”.

Today, under Mr. Ali’s ingenious leadership style, Nirvana stands on the strong citadel of faith, empathy, and authenticity. To create a healthy and progressive workspace, the leader strongly inculcates the ideals of effective communication, strategic thinking, resilience, impeccable decision-making, and mutual trust.
The entrepreneur imbues a strong sense of leadership in merging integrity with innovations, rooted in excellence. With his diversified business models and heavy investment in technology, Mr. Ali has been able to expand boundaries across KSA, Jordan, Egypt, and soon in Europe and the USA with an in-house call center in Egypt.

Home to 450 employees, Nirvana has been recognized and trusted by VVIPs and royal people far and wide. It has emerged as the biggest travel brand with extensive experience and multilingual staff speaking 15 different languages, including English, Hindi, Filipino, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and many more.

Mission and Vision

While walking the extra mile in his career, Mr. Ali anticipates highest growth and popularity for Nirvana, to be recognized worldwide.

With a dream to reign supreme as a global leader in the travel and hospitality market, the company strongly complies with its mission statement of ‘infusing travel with true care’, and for this, it relies on building transparent and trustworthy partnerships. Nirvana purveys an “all in” attitude for customer expectations and evolves with market trends while utilizing the best technology, and unmatched expertise.

Future spotlights

Being at the helm of UAE’s topmost travel company, Mr. Ali has been honored with the title of “The Most Creative Business Leader in the Arab World”. His knowledge of the region, and clear business direction in the travel industry, has played a big role in earning several accolades in his portfolio. The advanced management solutions, customized to serve dynamic business operations have always helped him to stay ahead of the curve. Looking forward to its burgeoning success, the leaders at Nirvana aspire to touch the global crescendo by pushing boundaries and incorporating a maximum number of happy clients, in UAE and overseas.

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