The difference b/w working hard and working smart


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In this fast-moving world, everyone has a different opinion on working hard vs. working smart. Both concepts have merits and demerits     

As they both help each other in different aspects of work, Working hard and working smart are both extremely important for achieving success, But in order to be more productive and effective in your work, it is very important to understand the difference between them and how it can have an impact on the productivity of a person. 

In this article, let’s explore the difference between working hard and working smart and the merits and demerits associated with them. 

What is the difference between working hard and working smart? 

Hard work has always been seen as a traditional approach, and it involves putting a lot of time, energy, and effort into achieving something. While smartwork refers to working while saving, putting in minimum effort, and acquiring maximum results. 

Advantage of working hard

The value of working hard is nothing less; hard work is always respected in the world, When a human being works hard, he/she develops a sense of discipline, which builds the character of the individual. When an individual achieves something through their hard work, they will feel a sense of achievement and be proud of their hard work and skills. Hard work does not often promise success, but if it is done with full hope and soul in the task, then the sky is the limit. 

Advantage of working smart

Some people prefer to achieve their desired goal by not carrying out traditional work; they believe that they should try the innovative idea and achieve their goals, as it can save them time and that they can use the saved time to achieve something more innovative and focus on other tasks. It is believed to be a more efficient road to success and builds your strength to achieve goals more effectively. 

How to facilitate hard-working skills 

  • Choose something you love 

It is extremely important to love the job; only then can it interest you. When you do something you love, it will motivate you to work hard and increase the productive nature inside you. If you are doing something and you don’t find the kick-in, then no matter how much time you give to the particular job, you cannot provide the necessary outcome that you and your organization are looking for.

  • Motivation

Keeping yourself motivated throughout your work allows you to work harder and achieve success in your career. If you are allowing yourself to realize the meaning and impact that your project is providing to the community, realizing this can help you be motivated and work harder 

  • Have a positive company  

Having a positive company around you can help you stay motivated, When you decide to spend time with people who inspire you outside and inside the organization to work hard and achieve your goals, you will be able to stay focused and productive in your life. 

  • Good health is equal to a good life 

Health is a very important factor that we often forget when we are busy with our goals, We often neglect to take care of our health by not getting enough sleep and not eating a proper diet. As working requires a lot of energy, it is very important to take care of our health, as it is the most important factor that keeps us going. 

How to facilitate smart working skills 

As I said, working smart involves working effectively and efficiently to gather maximum results with minimal effort. Here are some ways you can facilitate smart work. 

  • Working smart  

Have you ever wondered what the full form of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) 

The word itself tells you to set clear objectives, which can help you be relevant and save you time. With a clear objective,  you have directions and a purpose to achieve the desired goal. 

  • Prioritize 

Giving priority to tasks is very important. Individuals should understand that not every task is important. They should give priority to the task based on its importance and depth of urgency. When you give equal importance to all the tasks and have a target of completing them, it can be very time-consuming. By doing this, you cannot give equal importance to all the tasks, and it can lead to results that may not be satisfying. 

  • Skill development 

If you are intending to work smarter, you need to continuously upgrade your skills. There is always something new in the market, and being able to constantly evolve and learn about these things can help you understand your field a lot better, work smarter, and achieve more in your field. 

  • Mindfulness 

Working smart can  usually cause  stress as you are always incorporating new skills and information while also working, so it is important to take care of your mental well being 

Work on meditation and deep breathing, and take a five to seven minutes break every hour to give yourself some time off, By doing this, it can help you to be relaxed in your workplace and achieve goals without any mental distractions 

Working hard or working smart which should I pick?  

Every individual is different, and their working style is different. It is important to find the right balance between these two components in order to achieve success. Smart work is the fruit of hard work in order to attain success. To work smarter, one needs to work harder. We recommend that every individual incorporate both skills, as they are products of one another. When the individual finds the balance between these two, they can create magic and achieve their goals with the utmost ease.


To conclude, it is not working hard vs working smart; instead, it is working hard with smartness, as they both go hand in hand and are products of one another. Working hard is the foundation of commitment, and working smart can provide a layer of efficiency. Both are extremely important to unlock the potential of the individual and achieve remarkable results. You need to be smart in order for your hard work to pay off. Therefore, it is recommended to have a mixture of both in order to be productive and fruitful in your work.

Name: Syeda Sabah Firdouse M

About the author: Sabah is an SEO Content writer from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a fresher in the content writing field and has previously worked in the content management team at Accenture Pvt. Ltd. from September 2021 to March 2022. She graduated from Mount Carmel College with a bachelor’s degree in Arts.

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