Why you should consider hiring freshers?


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Hiring is a demanding task. Putting the right person in the right seat can be daunting as the entire organizational success seems to hinge on that. Lately, the business world is experiencing change at a fast pace. 

The level of sophistication in technologies, systems, and processes is also escalating. Consequently, the current times demand that employees are adept at handling technical advancements and are proficient in multiple aspects.

For times like these, rarely does a single person suffice to fulfill a designation. For instance, an experienced engineer would now not only require to be proficient in engineering activities but also be able to handle a managerial position to manage a small team under him. At the same time, he is required to be knowledgeable about any or every digital tool in his industry depending on the depth of his expertise.

So, it is no longer sufficient just to be ‘experienced’. This notion has brought forth a change in the perspective of hiring. In a landscape where experienced professionals stood unrivaled, freshers are now gaining pace and competing on par with them.

A recent study shows that the IT industry is bustling with prospects for freshers and managements are also gearing up to add more fresh candidates to their workforce. Upon observing this dynamic, we can compile a few ideas as to when is it right to hire freshers, and why you should.

Firstly, hiring freshers is a strategic decision just like most other decisions you take in a business. To ensure productivity, you must make sure your company is in the right place, at the right time, and in a position where this will eventually append profitability to your organization.

Consider the following factors when you’re pondering about bringing freshers onboard:

  • Do you have the time, expertise, and resources to train the onboarding freshers?
  • Does your budget permit you to invest in new possibilities?
  • Does the position require scalable skills?
  • Is the role a low-risk position?
  • Is the position completely novel and needs building from scratch?
  • Is the business at a point of fast growth and will new faces impede that?

Once you can check most of these points, you can go forward and onboard fresh talent to complement your interests.

There are many direct, indirect, short-term, and long-term advantages of hiring freshers. Let us endeavor to understand them as we progress further.

They bring a fresh outlook on things

When you’re stuck in a process that worked well enough for the past 10 or so years, what it requires is a novel solution. That is what a fresher would bring to your organization. Since they are not tainted with the dynamics of the industry yet, they have a fresh perspective on things and clarity of thought that can drive your efficiency to the next level.

They have a bottled-up eagerness

Since they’ve just entered the corporate scene, they are filled with vigor and commitment to prove their competency. So they strive harder and go the extra mile than an experienced professional who is already consumed in the process.

They are well-versed with technology

As generations progress, candidates seem to be better and more proficient in technical aspects of systems. We’re hearing about kids who build apps and who can hack into complex systems, all such news is a testament that hiring gen X and fresh-out-of-college candidates provide an edge to your organization.

They can learn, unlearn, and relearn

Since they are novices, they don’t have reservations about anything. They are easy to teach and mold. Lately, what’s trending today is outdated tomorrow; similarly, what seems like a core skill today may become obsolete in the near future. In times like this, having a young and flexible workforce is important.

They adopt a progressive mindset

Younger generations are less likely to be conservative. Thanks to many young entrepreneurs and CEOs, the hierarchical ladder in the corporate realm is slowly flatlining. Freshers tend to be open to feedback and adapt your ideas to their ways.

They can be hired in pools for less CTC

When you have limited budgets, hiring an experienced professional is a luxury since they bargain heavy costs. But, a fresher with similar competence can be brought on board for significantly lesser costs; and what’s more! They are suitable for hiring in large numbers. Also, campus placements are one of the most practiced ways for hiring the best talent pools while cutting short recruitment procedures effectively.

Apart from these, we all know the ingenuity of young minds. Many countries cross oceans to be able to tap into a young and potent workforce in other nations. Such is the importance of having a fresh workforce in your organization.

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