Energy Industry

Kaveh Oyar

Kaveh Oyar : An Epitome of Growth Mindset

Kaveh Oyar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Intelligent Devices and Systems – IDS Success in life depends on the clarity of your vision. Only a clear vision can direct you to exactly what you want to become in your life. It preps you to deal with the unknown and the unexpected that you will encounter along […]

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Curro Nicolau

Mr. Curro Nicolau: An Eminent Leader on a Mission to Make a Better World with the Use of Clean Energy

Mr. Curro Nicolau, Chairman, Go Energy Management (GEM) Being a change-maker in the business world is no easy feat. One needs unwavering determination, perseverance, passion, and a certain doggedness to bring transformative changes to industries and create an impact in the lives of people. Effective leaders possess an unbridled enthusiasm to make a difference with […]

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Stewart Murray

Stewart Murray: An Exemplar for New Age Business Leaders

Stewart Murray, Managing Director, Rental Solutions & Services Recent studies indicate that employees are more comfortable working with employers with superior emotional intelligence. Employers who take care of their employees and provide a positive work culture will not only bring out the best in them but also create a sense of belonging in the workspace […]

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