Khadijah Ba

Khadijah Ba: A Determined Leader Making a Long-Lasting Impact in the Energy Sector

Khadijah Ba, Founder and Chairman, Der Mond Oil & Gas There is no single definition of success. Everyone has a different meaning of success. For some, success is money, for some it’s fame and some defines success as happiness. For Khadijah Ba, the founder, and president of Der Mond Group, success is inner self-satisfaction. “I […]

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Walid Abed

Walid Abed: A Prominent Business Leader with a Remarkable Vision

Walid Abed, General Manager, IMCC Investment L.L.C. Achieving remarkable success in business and making a mark of yourself in the business world is not a piece of cake. One must have the tremendous determination and excellent business acumen to overcome all odds and achieve their goals. Many successful business leaders in the Gulf have transformed […]

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