Rajiv Arora

Rajiv Arora: Empowering Oman by redefining the concept of Insurance Broking

Rajiv Arora, CEO, Howden Insurance Brokers LLC Our story today revolves around the life of a man who envisioned change in the insurance industry and reimagined a new culture in insurance broking sector in Oman. He is none other than the veteran insurance expert, Mr. Rajiv Arora, the visionary, and CEO of Howden Insurance Brokers […]

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Muhammed Awadh Ali

Muhammed Awadh Ali: The Game-changer of Oriental’s Journey

Muhammed Awadh Ali, Vice Chairman, Oriental Group The Remarkable Rise of Oriental Group Oman’s Renaissance brought forth winds of change, leading to a surge in growth and development across the Sultanate. As the construction industry became a vital player in this transformation, the demand for high-quality building materials increased. It was during this time that […]

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