Ahmad Tawanaee: An Inspiring Leader Making Strides in the Construction Industry


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Ahmad Tawanaee, Managing Director, SCM Consultancy LLC

The construction industry is challenging; encompassing many specialized and unique projects that revolve constant engagements with multiple third parties, follow-ups, procurement, strategic planning, operations, contracts management, etc. these challenges determine the industry to constantly demand professional and expert consultancy firms to support the construction business and seek necessary expert advice, professional guidance, and solutions. Ahmad Tawanaee, the Managing Director of SCM Consultancy LLC, aims to provide high international standard recommendations to improve contract administration strategies, construction delivery systems, resource allocation, productivity, and project controls. Ahmad seeks to work closely with its clients to fully understand and react to the specific risk and business determinations that are of the greatest importance to them. Therefore, he explores to understand the main issues of concern of the client and concentrates the efforts on gathering and analysing the data acquired to allow and provide comprehensive and focused deliverables. Ahmad is a dynamic leader with over 22 years of experience in the field of Commercial and Contracts Management and has worked on Mega Projects, such as Buildings, Airports, Tunnels, Railways, Utilities, Metro, and many heavy Civil Engineering Projects, across UK, UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

Graduating from ‘Greenwich University London, Ahmad started his career in the construction industry and worked very hard to develop his knowledge and experience in the construction and project management industry. Throughout his career, Ahmad worked on different project types, sizes, and values to explore and enhance his experience in the construction industry. Ahmad held several positions and titles at different roles throughout his career and successfully gained tremendous understanding and knowledge of how each entity and organisation works being a contractor, consultant, developer, and or the client/owner. Ahmad’s contribution and enthusiasm have shaped him to understand the needs of the construction industry and the clients’ expectations from a dedicated professional advisory consultant.

“I aspired to escalate and succeed to executive management level at an early stage of my career, the drive and the motivation I had was to qualify and accomplish my own consultancy firm in the most efficient and dynamic manner that the industry expects, requires, and lacks from,” shares Ahmad.

Powering through Challenges

While starting a business is full of excitement, one must learn to face the risks that come along with it. Originally, Ahmad faced initial challenges and setbacks including the financial aspects and the knockback of colleagues and friends who are employed on fixed monthly income. It was also a challenge for the company at the start to compete and market a new business to gain the trust of the clients while proving it can handle mega projects and manage any task or assignment awarded. Ahmad overcame and conquered those challenges with positive thinking and motivation by achieving the most desired business solutions and packages to meet clients’ expectations, and industry needs and equally developing strong business relationships by focusing and gaining trust offering quality, dedication, and cost-effective services.

“I worked hard on promoting the company’s abilities and localized our services and products to suit and meet the requirements of the industry. I selected the right talented and professional individuals to join the company to grow our ability and strength in the market,” asserts, Ahmad.

With the SCM Consultancy team, Ahmad provides strategic inputs based on knowledge and experience gained from a broad portfolio of international projects. The dynamic team consists of highly professional construction consultants who are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients such as: –

  • Contracts and Claim Management
  • Programme and Planning Management
  • Budgeting & Cost Controls Management
  • Arbitration & Expert Witness Management
  • Expert and Professional Consultant Hiring Services

At SCM Consultancy, Ahmad meets and surpasses the quality standards and aims to excel at the core competencies required while striving for continuous improvement. With local and international expertise in the construction market and a professional team of experts, SCM Consultancy provides valuable recommendations and necessary support to its client’s needs to achieve project success in today’s fast-changing world.

Ahmad says, “Our motivation is our success securing reparative works from our clients and gaining the client’s trust. Today we are proud of having highly professional talented individuals from the most well-known organisation in the construction industry joining our team and providing strength to our company and value to our clients.”

The Way Forward

According to Ahmad, an entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business and able to take all the risks associated with it, be able to develop it, and enjoy the outcome that rewards his business returns. He believes that vision, passion, integrity, honesty, respect, and dedication to success are the core values of a leader to make a great leadership.

“My advice to young entrepreneurs is to be strong individuals and never underestimate your capabilities. Be patient, focused, and always aim to enhance your management skills. Aim to build a strong network and identify the gaps in the market. Ensure to have a good financial backup to avoid the risk of not continuing the journey. Be a true believer, an innovator, and a self-motivated individual,” concludes Ahmad.

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