Blue Logic Digital: Empowering Businesses to Thrive in the Digital Era with AI


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Janak Sarda, CEO & Founder, Blue Logic Digital

Gone are the days of waiting for a magic genie to grant our wishes. Now we have smart voice assistants that are always just a voice command away. Need to know the weather? Just ask! Craving some creative inspiration? They’ve got you covered! But these smart assistants are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of Artificial Intelligence. From self-driving cars that navigate bustling streets to robots performing intricate surgeries and virtual assistants anticipating our every need, AI has woven its way into the fabric of our lives, revolutionizing numerous industries and transforming the way we live and work. At the forefront of these revolutions stand pioneering companies that have pushed the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible. Their relentless pursuit of innovation has propelled us into a new era, where the line between science fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurred. 

One such trailblazer is Blue Logic Digital, an innovative AI, chatbot and creative content solutions provider in UAE. In 2017, when AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning were still in their infancy, and had not yet revolutionized the way generative AI content can be consumed, Blue Logic Digital recognized the untapped potential and devised a strategy to provide brands in the region with powerful chatbot solutions. By early 2018, they began developing highly effective chatbots for various industries, including healthcare, retail, aviation, and pharmacy. However, developing these advanced chatbots required extensive training, customization, and meticulous attention to detail to meet the unique needs of each client. Blue Logic Digital invested countless hours to ensure that their chatbots were not only efficient but also capable of learning in a supervised manner. They went the extra mile by developing chatbots capable of operating in Arabic, catering to the specific requirements of the region. Through rigorous research and development, Blue Logic Digital refined its technology stack and adopted the RASA Chatbot framework to develop applications that would deliver tangible returns on investment for its clients. “Our goal was that our clients see a tangible ROI in the investments they made in new-age technology and I’m extremely proud to add that we have been instrumental in our client’s successes,” affirms Janak Sarda, the CEO and Founder of Blue Logic Digital.

Leveraging AI Capabilities To Deliver Value-Added Solutions

Blue Logic Digital is a company that always strives to add value to every project it undertakes. For instance, when it received a brief to develop an app for a leading hospitality brand, it chose to take an unconventional approach to its development. Instead of building an app focused only on providing information, it incorporated machine learning algorithms that allowed users to engage with the app and this provided an enhanced user experience.

Going beyond Chatbot and NLP capabilities, Blue Logic also has expertise in harnessing Computer Vision AI. This cutting-edge technology enables it to develop applications that recognize and identify images and objects, offering users a truly immersive experience. Leveraging these capabilities, it provides distinct and forward-thinking solutions to its clients. In one instance, collaborating with an insurance service provider, Blue Logic created an immersive pet insurance quote experience for pet owners. By capturing an image of their beloved pets, owners receive accurate and personalized insurance quotes. This is yet another testament to Blue Logic’s dedication to delivering value-added solutions that enhance customer satisfaction.

Conquering Challenges Along the Way

From its humble beginnings as a lean team of Python developers and fresh graduates from universities in the UAE, Blue Logic Digital has come a long way. In a mere span of six years, the company has grown both in teams of its business offerings and team strength of 45 dedicated professionals diligently assisting clients and delivering a wide range of digital experience solutions. However, its path to success was not without challenges. One of the major hurdles it encountered was the overuse of the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the industry. This led to a lot of confusion among clients about what they could expect and whether agencies could deliver what they were presenting. “We recognized that it was crucial to educate our clients about the limitations of the technology and what was possible and what wasn’t. They understood that it was better to under-deliver than over-commit and fail completely,” opines Janak.

To overcome this challenge, the company decided to experiment with developing AI solutions in-house before approaching clients. This strategy showcased their capabilities and instilled greater confidence in their ability to deliver AI services. Additionally, they began creating practical proofs-of-concept, actively demonstrating how AI could solve real-world issues. These prototypes weren’t mere presentations; they were functional models that could be tested and evaluated, bolstering their credibility in the industry.

Fostering A Culture Of Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Blue Logic understands and appreciates the unique and varied needs of its clients and their customers. To cater to this diversity, the company has carefully assembled a team with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives which has led to better outcomes for its clients. At Blue Logic, fairness and equality are paramount. Thus, the company ensures equitable treatment by employing a merit-based system for evaluating performance, using internally defined criteria. 

As a technology company on the cusp of innovation, Blue Logic embraces new technologies and solutions, particularly in the field of AI. The workforce at Blue Logic consists of a well-balanced mix of talented university graduates and experienced mid-level executives, led by a strategic senior leadership team. “Almost 50% of our staff are female with almost 40% of them being members of our leadership team. At Blue Logic Digital, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords, but a way of life that helps us create a better future for everyone,” elucidates Janak.

Blue Logic Digital’s Pillars of Strength

Blue Logic Digital’s remarkable success can be attributed to its expertise in delivering innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology. With a team of seasoned professionals specializing in AI, machine learning and other emerging technologies and their unwavering dedication to research and development, the company stays abreast of the latest trends and advancements. Another core strength of Blue Logic Digital is its customer-centricity. The company places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and actively engages with clients to comprehend their unique requirements and challenges and craft tailored solutions that precisely address the specific needs of each customer. “We place a strong emphasis on communication and quality assurance. Clients are kept up-to-date on projects at every stage, feedback is welcomed and this is incorporated into our processes to continuously improve service,” adds Janak.

Steering Towards a Promising Future

Forging ahead, Blue Logic aspires to become a leading provider of cutting-edge AI solutions in the region. The company also has several strategic initiatives in its pipeline to expand its presence beyond the Middle East and tap into European markets. First, it is continuously investing in R&D and exploring new AI technologies that can add value to its clients. Meanwhile, it is actively forging strategic partnerships with key industry players to broaden its offerings and bolster its position in the market. Additionally, it is focusing on building a strong talent pool by recruiting top-notch professionals and providing them with growth opportunities within the company.

The customer-centric company is also nurturing long-term relationships with its clients, enabling them to gain an in-depth understanding of their business requirements and tailor their solutions accordingly. “Overall, our vision for the future of Blue Logic Digital is to be a trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative AI solutions. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and delivering cutting-edge solutions that add real value to our clients,” concludes Janak.

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