Brands and the Realness Movement


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The beauty and fashion industries are undergoing significant change, with a significant shift away from unattainable photoshopped beauty and toward a genuine appreciation of brand authenticity and diversity. This is referred to as the “realness movement,” a trend that encourages brands to be more honest, transparent, and inclusive with their audiences, as well as address the issues that lead to appearance hatred and discrimination. In other words, brands are becoming more forthcoming with their customers and addressing the issues that contribute to mental health issues. This “realness” movement is more than just a passing fad. It represents a fundamental shift in how people perceive and accept beauty.

Join the realness movement and discover its impact beyond beauty and fashion. From social media to dating apps, users are craving genuine and meaningful connections online. Hopefully, despite its flaws, social media can help to heal societal divisions and reconnect people with one another. 91% of consumers believe social media can bring people together, and 78% want brands to use social media to bring people together. Unlike partisan public figures, brands are uniquely positioned to facilitate online connections. Continue reading this article to learn how brands are embracing the realness movement.

How brands are embracing the realness movement

This “realness movement” is causing a shift in advertising that prioritizes everyday people, and it is resonating with consumers. There are numerous ways for brands to embrace the authenticity in branding movement and demonstrate their commitment to authenticity and diversity. 

  • Using natural and varied models:

The applications of natural and diverse models are virtually limitless. Natural and varied models can aid in the creation of a more immersive and engaging learning experience, allowing individuals to retain information and master new skills more effectively. Brand authenticity can use models of various ages, sizes, shapes, skin tones, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and backgrounds to represent their products and services. Customers may feel more represented, accepted, and confident in their skin as a result of this.

  • Keeping photo manipulation and airbrushing to a minimum:

We are bombarded with images of what the “ideal” body or face should look like in today’s society. These images are frequently heavily edited and manipulated to meet this unrealistic standard. Keeping photo manipulation and airbrushing to a minimum can help us create a more realistic and diverse representation of beauty. Brands can avoid changing or enhancing images of their models or products to create the illusion of perfection. This can help consumers set more realistic expectations and alleviate the pressure to meet impossible standards. 

  • Being open and truthful:

Being truthful and open is critical to our personal growth and development. Honesty builds trust and understanding, as well as strengthening interpersonal relationships. Brands can be open and honest about their values, practices, ingredients, sources, effects, and challenges. This can increase consumer trust and assist them in making better decisions. Being honest and transparent with others will benefit us in a variety of ways in the long run, including strengthening bonds and cultivating mutual respect. 

  • Supporting social causes and movements:

Supporting social causes and movements is an incredibly important way to make a difference in the world. Social causes and movements that align with a brand’s mission and vision can be supported. This can make customers feel more connected to them and their mission. When we work together towards a common goal, we can create powerful movements that can change the world.

Why is the realness movement important?

The realness movement is important for consumers and society because it can improve various aspects of well-being, which we are going to discuss below.

  • Improving mental health:

Improving one’s mental health is critical to living a healthy and fulfilling life. As a result of unrealistic beauty standards, the realness movement can help reduce anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and body image issues that adversely affect mental health.

  • Promoting social justice:

We should all work together to promote social justice. It entails ensuring that everyone, regardless of social status or background, has equal access to opportunities in life. Realness can promote social justice as long as stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, and oppression against marginalized groups are challenged. A survey found that 70% of consumers believe brands should take a stand on social and political issues. Furthermore, 58% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from brands that are vocal about important issues to them.

  • Encouraging personal growth:

On a personal level, we are constantly evolving and growing as humans. To foster this growth, it is necessary to embrace challenges and take risks. Consumers can embrace their individuality, express their creativity, and pursue their passions through the realness movement. According to a survey, 83% of users say they use the platform to learn new things about themselves, and 61% say they feel more confident after using it.

Closing Thoughts:

The realness movement represents a shift away from unrealistic and harmful beauty standards and toward authentic and diverse beauty expressions. It also reflects consumer demand for brands to be more honest, transparent, and inclusive with their audiences, as well as address the issues that lead to appearance hatred and discrimination. The realness movement is important for consumers and society because it can improve mental health, promote social justice, and foster personal development.

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