The future of work

The future of work and the fortunate serendipity that was COVID

The impact of COVID has been a boon in many ways for the world despite its staggering human cost and the irreversible ways in which it affected lives. One of the most outstanding and impactful triggers it generated was the rush for innovation and change that took the world ahead by many years in a […]

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Hiring freshers

Why you should consider hiring freshers?

Hiring is a demanding task. Putting the right person in the right seat can be daunting as the entire organizational success seems to hinge on that. Lately, the business world is experiencing change at a fast pace.  The level of sophistication in technologies, systems, and processes is also escalating. Consequently, the current times demand that […]

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Human resourced management

The dark side of HR that no one tells you about!

If you think that being an HR manager is a cozy white-collar job, think again! Along with the respect and status appended by the title of the job, some amount of spite and disregard is associated with it. This can be explained by a popular notion- “you cannot satisfy everyone”. An HR manager is appointed […]

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Pandemic induced behaviour

Pandemic induced change in shopping behaviour that is here to stay

What are the factors we consider when we usually shop? We like to think why we need that product; we like to see how it fits in our life as it is, we generally like to know for how long the product will last, or how long we want it to last, we consider different […]

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Job Search Wisely

How to Navigate your Job Search Wisely

Looking for a new job can be a very tiring process. The good old days of submitting a resume and walking to an interview are gone. Companies need specific talent pool for different positions and accordingly their hiring process has become lengthy and time-consuming. While for companies, they can easily spare the cost, time as […]

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Business Landscape of Arab

Differences in the Business Landscape of Arab and Western countries

The middle east is a region thriving with abundant natural and human resources. It encompasses portions of the continents- Asia, Africa, and Europe and is nested among many seas and oceans. This promotes international trade to, fro, and via the region. The middle east is popular for its rich petroleum reserves. Most countries in the […]

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business in the Arab world

9 Tips for Best Business Practices in the Arab World

Being geographically, ethnically, and culturally diverse, the Arab world offers many advantages to businesses. However, these same factors complicate the way businesses are approached and conducted in these countries. The Arab world is comprised of 22 countries, the majority (91%) of them are Muslim and more than half of them (63%) speak Arabic. Since etiquettes […]

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Supporting Working Parents

Companies should step up to help their working parents and here’s how

Working parents have had it a degree higher than the rest of us in terms of the challenges that the pandemic threw at us. In addition to getting confined in the house throughout the lockdown, adjusting to remote work, working parents had to spearhead all aspects of their children’s lives too. With schools and other […]

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