How Companies Can Support Moms in – and Returning to the Workplace


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Supporting mothers in the workplace is very important and a normal thing that everyone should practice. Organizations that give importance to the well-being and needs of working women can create a more comprehensive working environment that can help them be more productive. Many surveys that have been done in the past few years suggest that working women are very exhausted. It is the duty of the organization to make the moms comfortable when they are returning to work after a long absence. In this, let’s dive into and explore various strategies that companies can take to help and support mothers who are returning to work. 

Flexible work schedules

One of the most effective things an organization can do is provide flexible working hours whenever it is required to support the new moms in the organization. As women have two roles to play at the same time, HR should make sure that flexible working hours are provided and implement remote and hybrid work hours. Remote working hours allow for a better life and allow new moms to spend time with their newborns.  

When companies provide flexible working hours, employees can commit to their friends and family and also work effectively, which will increase empathy in the eyes of the employee and lead to increased job satisfaction and loyalty towards the company. 

On-the-site facilities for children 

One of the main things a company can do is provide on-site childcare, which can help the mothers and create a comfortable and supportive working environment, According to a study, employees were less absent and performance was higher when the company offered on-site facilities for children, As it is very difficult to find a good daycare for children, by providing on-site facilities, the employees can focus more on their work, check on their children throughout the day, and work without feeling anxious.

Supportive work culture 

Many women quit working after having a child as they are unable to multitask and don’t find enough opportunities when they are returning to work from maternity leave

 Companies need to step up and be inclusive; inclusive does not just mean giving maternity leaves or flexible work timings, it also includes providing them with an inclusive work culture. Companies can reduce the stiff selection criteria, which can encourage new moms to apply. Flexible work culture promotes a supportive working environment, which helps the employees have a career and also fill in with families without killing productivity. 

Paid leave for mothers

Paid time off from the company is very important, as many mothers cannot come back to work and need time to recover after pregnancy, as the body takes time to heal. When women are forced to come back to work to support their families, they are risking their mental state as they cannot focus on their work and are constantly thinking about their newborns. By offering paid leave, companies can demonstrate their commitment to supporting families. This will also help the mothers bond and take time with their little world, which will reduce their stress and make their mental state balanced, which will help them come back to work.  

Returning to Work Programs for Women

 During the peak of the pandemic, more women left their jobs than men, and since the world is going back to normal, we need to make sure that good work programs are installed for women. These programs can include mentorship programs, leadership training, and skill development sessions, By providing work programs that are tailored to the needs of women, it will help them to be more confident, which will boost their confidence and help them to contribute more to the organization. 

Planning a supportive network 

Most people are focused on the newborn, but it is crucial to understand that the parents, especially the mother, go through some major changes that can cause high-level stress and anxiety. They have to deal with changes occurring in their bodies while also continuing their professional lives. It is the duty of the organization to create a support group where women going through the same situations can come forward and share their experiences and find solutions to the problems together. This support group can reduce stress and make them feel more comfortable in the workplace. 

Encouraging shared responsibility

The mother’s role as a parent is taken for granted, as everyone believes that the duty falls only on the mother’s shoulder, but the father is as responsible for taking care of the child as the mother is. As many companies are open to the idea of paternity leave while others are still turning their eyes to the topic, it is very important for a company to recognize the importance of paternity leave as it gives the father the opportunity to become the central caretaker and also realize how tough it is to raise a child. It provides a healthy work-life balance, which can lift the weight off the shoulders of both parents and help them focus on their individual work.  


Supporting mothers who are returning to work after a long absence is not only a responsibility of the organization; it can also play a part as an investment Organizations that give priority to women’s wellbeing create a more productive environment, and this can make the organization the number one choice for new members. Supporting new moms not only benefits the employees but also contributes to the overall success of an organization.

Name: Syeda Sabah Firdouse M

About the author: Sabah is an SEO Content writer from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a fresher in the content writing field and has previously worked in the content management team at Accenture Pvt. Ltd. from September 2021 to March 2022. She graduated from Mount Carmel College with a bachelor’s degree in Arts.

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