How crises prove to be opportunities for career innovation


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Have you ever stopped to think about how innovations transform the world? They happen at a global and business level, but innovation can also be part of your career. After all, adapting to change is a way to survive, and any change can be a fertile ground for innovation. However, it is necessary to understand how to be innovative and how to adapt and seize opportunities in times of crisis. 

A good professional, regardless of the area, must be attentive to the market. Besides, maintaining optimism and thinking outside the box are extremely important actions to accompany the changes and take advantage of all the possibilities for growth and innovation.

 So, remember that in every crisis there are changes. Difficult situations arise all the time, and the best way to manage this chaos is through good ideas and strategies. Therefore, it is important to monitor events closely and understand the size of the impact and all that can be done to circumvent it.

Opportunities for career innovation

To innovate in your career, it is not enough to just have a good idea, it is also necessary to dedicate time in search of new learning and knowledge. So, in this way, the opportunities become actions and practices that will raise the level of the professional and the company. 

So, here are some of the best attitudes that a professional can take in times of crisis.

Keep an eye on the market 

To innovate is to generate value and to generate value it is necessary to uncomplicate something complicated. For this, the professional must follow the movements and strategies of the competition and the market in general, thinking about the best ways to take advantage of opportunities in times of crisis. 

The opportunity may be in the creation of a business, a system, a button, an extra service or a simple e-mail. Crises require adaptation and adapting to the crisis is creating solutions. Therefore, always keep an eye on the market and new demands.

Use the digital 

The world is already connected, and being on the internet is, more than ever, a necessity for companies and professionals. So, establish a consistent digital presence and plan actions on your social networks. If you have a company, take advantage of the crisis, to show customers the brand positioning, and the continuity of service and quality. 

If you are an expert, spread your knowledge. Also, consider producing relevant content to publish on Linkedin, as a way to share your ideas and strengthen your image.

Identify trends in the market and changes in the user behavior 

The pandemic is bringing essential changes in industries and above all, in how people behave. For example, anxiety, depression, and loneliness are situations that have been extreme in this crisis. The number of services and technologies required to deliver products to your home is increasing (and will continue). There is a general demand for products and services that ensure hygiene. There are restrictions on travel, but a very high demand for distraction and entertainment. By analyzing these trends, you can underpin new products or services.


Innovation is not an option. It requires an understanding of resources to avoid waste and high-risk decisions. Understanding helps in changing what crisis is causing, which can be great opportunities for the development of new lines of business.


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