Incorporating Bigdata into your marketing strategy


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Do you follow the main innovations in terms of technology? If the answer is yes, you have heard of Big Data. Just as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a big impact on various types of establishments, Big Data has also shown its importance. After all, it has been effective in developing increasingly assertive marketing strategies, precisely because it unifies a series of essential data that can directly influence a campaign. 

Besides, Big Data can also be applied to a company’s financial sector, avoiding fraud and enabling a more consistent market analysis, based on collected data. Therefore, more than a simple consumer survey, Big Data makes your company stand out in the market and be one of the leaders in its segment. 

So, if you want to know more about it and how it can be used efficiently in your marketing strategy, read on in this article to learn more about it.

Benefits of applying Bigdata to the marketing strategy

Marketing is a fundamental element for a brand to consolidate itself in the market to reach more and more customers. By using Big Data in your marketing strategies, you can make your advertising processes even more promising and efficient. That’s because you can better understand the trends in your market and act with greater detail to meet the needs of your customers.

Helps in planning digital strategy 

Thanks to tools like Google Trends, you can get an overview of what your audience might like. For example, be aware of the latest trends regarding their behavior to know their tastes. Likewise, with the information that you can obtain from your audience through social networks or your website, you can define a series of purposes in a way that is closer to the target.

Analyzes the behavior of your target audience 

In digital marketing, actions are the creation, programming, and measurement of content. The measurement phase is where the strategies put into practice are analyzed. Thanks to Big Data in marketing, you can learn more about how your target audience has reacted to our content. For instance, if a user has given ‘dislike’ in a publication on social networks or they have entered your website and left immediately without reading the content. Thus, the interaction that the user makes on your website or social networks is information that you will then use to analyze it and, based on the conclusions you obtain, create the content of interest to your target audience.

You can create personalized content

Once you know the reaction and interaction of users with your brand on the internet, you can start creating personalized content. One of the advantages of using Big Data is access to accurate information about who your target audience is and their interests and needs. 

Let’s take an example recognizable by anyone: Netflix. Each user has a different interface because the content displayed is based on the series or movies previously seen by the user. This means that the algorithm can guess what content the user will like. One situation in which Big Data can be very beneficial is when conducting personalized campaigns. 

With Big Data, you can find out how users have interacted with your content, how long it has been, or whether or not they have clicked the link or image of the campaign. These actions are valuable information that is extracted from the data, to later be analyzed and increase its effectiveness with new and improved campaigns.


If before some studies were able to make those responsible for marketing your business could get closer and closer to the ideal campaign, with Big Data this becomes completely possible. That’s because you will know what you need to offer, the appropriate pricing to win your audience and what is the process that must be followed for a successful sale in your business. 

In this way, it is possible to understand a little more about the value of Big Data within the current economic scenario and look for ways to implement it as soon as possible in your marketing strategies.

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