How to improve assertiveness at work


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Assertiveness is one of the fundamental characteristics that every company must have. This is good for all employees to contribute their full potential in the organization and the best business decisions are always made. Assertiveness is often understood as something negative that generates conflicts and hostility between the different workers of the company, but we must know that this is not the case. Assertiveness consists of being clear about our positions or opinions on an issue and saying them with good manners but at the same time with conviction so that they are taken into account at all times. 

This is very complicated for some people, so in this article we are going to talk about the different ways that exist to improve assertiveness at work.

Know your limits and respect others

Knowing your limits and respecting your co-workers is a very important step in becoming an assertive person. Assertiveness has to do with knowing how to say “no” when someone does not want to do something, but always respecting others. For this reason, it is worth making efforts to recognize how far your capacities go so as not to take on unattainable tasks. It is not only essential to know what your limits are, but also the rights you have. For example, to be treated with respect and dignity, to make one’s own decisions, to rest, etc.

Offer your opinions with confidence

When you are with your bosses or in a work meeting, you should always show your point of view and offer your vision on how things should be done or what decision should be made at all times. You should do it without being aggressive, but without falling short. To do this, it is necessary to be sure of what you are saying and without hesitation since if you do not convince what you are saying; your opinion will not be taken into account, even if you are right in what you say.

Practice active listening 

Sometimes you hear more than listen to the other. To be assertive, however, you have to know how to listen actively, for which you must take into account not only the verbal language of the interlocutor but also the non-verbal language and their emotional communication. To do this, you must allow the other person to express themselves, without interrupting them with your opinions or thinking about what you are going to respond before they have fully expressed themselves.

Improve your emotional intelligence 

Assertive people are fully aware of their emotions and know how to regulate them properly, which is why they are good at relating to other people. Being emotionally intelligent is essential since empathy is one of its key components and is decisive when it comes to understanding and properly managing how the other person feels. In short, being emotionally intelligent allows you to adapt both the tone and the message to the circumstances of the moment.

Consider the context of the situation

One of the fundamental questions to be more assertive is the appropriateness of the language and what you want to convey to the context in which it occurs. You must know that there are a large number of situations in which you can say things, but in each one of them, it can be said differently. For example, the way of telling something at a meal will not be the same as at a management meeting. Besides, it will also depend on how your bosses are. Indeed, there are still companies that do not value assertiveness so positively, so you must be more tactful or take it into account to show your opinions. Nor will it be the same if the opinions are shown by a manager than a worker who has just arrived at the company. All these questions we must take into account whenever we are going to start a speech to try to be as assertive as possible.


When you discover the positive consequences of practicing assertiveness, both in the personal field and in the workplace, it ends up becoming an essential practice due to the benefit it brings you and the improvement it implies in your quality of life.

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