How to manage customer relationships while working remotely


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As the concerns about the coronavirus grew, as a precaution, everyone started working from home. So, being sales leaders, what should you do to deepen the connection with your customers at a time when digital communication becomes the primary form of communication? What do you say to our clients when they are locked up at home? And how can you be there for the people without physically being there?

 So, below are some practices that you can implement to maintain strong relationships with your clients and build new ones, even when you are not on the road. Have a good read!

Know your customer 

Knowing the customer well is essential for the service. Knowledge helps in efficient and short-term resolutions. It is necessary to understand their needs and also have a history of your services. Using a Help or Service Desk system to manage your calls can make a big difference in this activity. 

With management systems or methodologies, it is possible to create histories for each client. With that, you will be able to have information to offer a complete and personalized service. Besides, it is possible to know which tools he needs most in his operation and the frequency of their acquisition. Having data in hand, you can offer the customer products and services that they need, improving productivity.

Demonstrate Empathy

In remote calls, the technician and the customer are not present in the same environment. Therefore, it is tough to know what the reactions of the person on the other side are. In this type of situation, empathy is more important. 

Taking care of the tone is very important. Whoever is on the other side can tell by the voice whether the attendant is happy, angry, or even unwilling to provide the service. When we answer a call with a smile on our face, the tone is different. Often the customer can be a difficult person to deal with. The way you talk to him, show respect, and courtesy influences his behavior and makes the deal lighter.

Invest in your reputation and conquer the market 

Anyone who works with content marketing knows that networking is essential in this field! Everything works based on the indication, especially when we talk about customers who fit the SME profile. 

Keep in mind that if you serve your client in a way that he feels well supported, he will recommend your services to colleagues, professionals he knows, or who mentions the need for something similar. Make sure! You can take advantage of it to reward him with something that adds value to him by referral too – it could be a discount in the following month, a bonus product, etc.

Cut the technical terms out of your vocabulary and learn to communicate clearly

We are so used to our industry that it is common to use technical terms and jargon when talking to someone outside the industry. Without realizing it, we are saying nothing to anyone who should have our full attention: himself, the customer. 

At the time of service, it is essential to keep in mind your client’s business line, to know which words to choose, and to explain the reasons why this strategy is better than that. Try to speak the same language as your customer to avoid inconvenience in the future. And, avoid garbled conversation to generate misunderstanding and unnecessary charges later.

Closing Thoughts

To improve your relationship with your customers, you will need to make your team create a culture. They must focus on providing an excellent customer experience while working remotely. Besides, much has been said about the WoW Experience. It is nothing more than creating a good memory for your client with your services.

 And, creating this culture is not a difficult task, but a laborious one, which needs to be practiced every day.  The sooner you start planting this seed in your team, the sooner you will begin to reap the rewards.

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