How to optimize your e-commerce website


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The scenario of the e-commerce business is quite positive since it has been showing itself increasingly promising. Factors such as practicality, comfort, and high-speed internet coverage in the country make e-commerce a promise of constant growth in the coming years. Such a favorable situation calls the attention of many entrepreneurs who want to invest in an e-commerce business. 

However, having a virtual store also presents a series of challenges. Getting traffic, flawed information, difficulties in navigation, and high competition are just some examples that illustrate the complexity of sustaining and expanding e-commerce. 

In this context, the importance of betting on new strategies to correct or mitigate these problems arises, achieving the much-desired increase in sales volume. Since not everything works intuitively, here are some tips that will help you. If you have these doubts too, read on!

Use SEO to optimize your e-commerce website

Anyone who has been working with e-commerce for a long time may be familiar with this strategy, but not everyone has mastered it. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set of tactics used to improve the ranking of a website on search engines – especially on Google – through keywords. It is a strategic tool with a lot of power to increase ROI. When the site is optimized in this way, many sales happen more efficiently. 

The following are some tips to optimize your e-commerce by making improvements to the site’s SEO: 

  • Search for keywords to name categories and subcategories to improve the position of content in searches.
  • Optimize website URLs, title tags, and texts.
  • If you have a physical store, remember to use local SEO; Include keywords when saving product photos to the site.

Provide self-service support 

A great way to optimize customer service in e-commerce is to offer self-service support to your visitors, that is, to allow them to quickly find answers themselves without the need to contact your team. This can be done by building a knowledge base or even using chatbots to automatically answer the frequently asked questions. 

The most significant advantage of self-service support is that visitors can get answers and solutions at any time, even when their team is not available if they do not offer 24-hour support. It also increases the productivity of your team, decreasing the need for assistance to answer more basic questions, and helping to qualify the leads that your representatives need.

Bet on technologies and facilities 

Every e-commerce business should be concerned with promoting facilities and technologies that are interesting for its audience. That is, when you think about guaranteeing a more attractive platform for people, you must know the news available. These technologies can be indispensable for platforms, such as ensuring that the customer follows the step by step of their order. In this scenario, posting a video showing the production of a personalized embroidered T-shirt, or chatbots that quickly clear customers’ doubts, can be interesting. 

All these innovations allow your e-commerce system to be optimized, automating, and improving a large part of your company’s processes.

Consider mobile applications

Today, smartphones are a door to the world for many people. Some consumers use their smartphones to search for products and services they need and, of course, buy them. As you can see, this is an attractive market share, and you must reach it through your e-commerce strategy. In addition to offering web page adaptable to mobile devices, it develops applications that also function as a digital store and have payment tools. One of the advantages of the applications is that they are a direct platform with customers since they are permanently on their phones.

Create effective email marketing campaigns 

Forget that the more information, the better the emails have to be concise and clear. Everybody is busy in this digital world, and in a second, the client will decide whether to delete it or continue reading, so it does not have to look like another spam page, but as a specific topic that interests him. 

To achieve effective email marketing, you have to avoid the abuse of images and news. The title must be specific, of interest to the typical customer of your online store, and then an image. If you want to know more, drop by mail. With this simple trick, you will get many to read that email, even if it is scanning it diagonally. Bet on simplicity, on articles that strengthen your image and adequately sell your products. The information overdose has changed the habits of customers, so the email-marketing strategies should change accordingly.


Running an e-commerce business isn’t an easy task, but constant data analysis and a stable yet flexible strategy will help you tremendously. Always remember to enhance the relationship with the customer as this will bring visitors who can turn into customers. And in turn, if you offer them a good service, they will be the testimonials of your product and service.

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