Juliane Knips: The Diva creating a Diaspora in the World of Fashion


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Juliane Knips, Founder, Juliane Knips Fashion House

If you are a fashion connoisseur, you must be familiar with the name Juliane Knips. The fashion house under the astute leadership of its kingpin and entrepreneur Juliane Knips has made an impact in the world of fashion by virtue of its highest level of craftsmanship in designing haute couture, costumes, and stage apparel. As a youngster, the brain behind the brand, designer Juliane has always been inclined toward creating a fortune out of her love for creativity. Her admiration for arts helped her to gain a scholarship in fine arts after completing ‘A levels’, 2 years ahead of time. 

To comply with her family’s advice and the trend of “proper” education, Juliane kick-started her career in Hospitality Management. She travelled extensively, and this she cherished for long because that allowed her to unwind the tapestry of lives, culture, and customs of different people belonging to different nations. However, her knack for fashionable garments gained her a quick understanding of the importance of durable and sustainable fabrics. Driven by her creative flair and with the inspiration of her uncle Bernd Berger, a renowned name in the fashion industry, Juliane finally decided to follow her passion and segued into the world of fashion as an apparel designer.

Journey of an entrepreneur and the tale of unleashing dreams at Juliane Knips

The journey of a thousand miles often begins with a small step. Though her ambition was no less than breaking the glass ceiling of the fashion world, Juliane had a very humble start. She started giving shape to her ideas by designing fan shirts for German football lovers in Euro Cup 2012. Though it was much in vogue among the German communities, UAE had a very short supply to meet the craze of the hour. This helped Juliane to bootstrap her collections of fan shirts and consequently, her business gained momentum. Following this, she along with a master tailor, for the first time crafted and designed bespoke bridal apparel for her client. 

If you have to reach the altitude of your dream, you have to change your attitude toward things around you. A budding entrepreneur must have the zeal and patience to turn every opportunity into a successful business outcome. Juliane Knips, the impassioned designer thought in a similar vein when she accepted the order of making uniforms for the staff of the Bateel Boutiques. Since then, there was no looking back. Orders flowed in and over the last 10 years, Juliane Knips has been grooming people for various occasions. Whether it is for stage shows or theatres, or weddings, Juliane has been knitting creativity with elegance for its high-profile clients, who ordered customized uniforms for hotels, theme parks, boutiques, and also a small couture collection for German traditional festivals.

Challenges that kept the ball rolling

Striding the path of an entrepreneurial journey and climbing the ladder of success is not a cakewalk. On your way, you may encounter turns and twists, where it becomes challenging for an entrepreneur to stay strong, determined, and dynamic. In business, one of the biggest challenges that Juliane talks about is finding the right partner whose ideas must resonate with her creative vision, and then only both can work toward achieving excellence in that particular domain. As the business expands, the cost of machinery and materials also soar high and management becomes more complicated and widespread. Being a sagacious entrepreneur Juliane always remained agile even in the toughest situation and this helped her to glide through every difficult terrain in her path. She focused on the core team and premium projects that actually rolled in profit. But unlike any other startup that has to go through a lot of hardships in creating a client base, Juliane Knips was blessed to have overcome that phase with much ease and comfort.

Qualities that made her stand apart and gain the limelight

Commitment to work and loyalty to your clients could be the two very important key points that help a businessman to stand out from the crowd. At her organization, Juliane makes sure that every garment is crafted with innate perfection and delivered with utmost care. The entrepreneur stands strong to her promise of bringing forth unique designer apparel interlaced with superior quality fabric. The leader explains her modus operandi in a complacent tone, “Because we design with love and creativity and we deliver quality. We import most fabrics, use only quality materials and ensure perfect finishing. But our main advantage is our creativity and flexibility.”

The leadership style that gains an edge over others in the queue 

Fashion is synonymous with creativity and like any other entrepreneurship, it also thrives on the components of good management, and entrepreneurial skills to bring together men, materials, and money in an effective way and strategize plans into concrete realizable goals. A spirited person like Juliane Knips recognizes the lexis of the creator plus the business owners. In business, as asserted by the leader, you do not always have a Godfather who may show you the light; rather you have to carve out your path and follow the track in the right dimension. After passing 10 long years as a trendsetter in the fashion world, Juliane Knips in her message to aspiring entrepreneurs comes out with much conviction while reflecting on her perceptions of making a niche for yourself, “After many challenges, up and down’s with the company, the team and myself, we are now in a good position, stable and effective. Don’t give up girls! Anything is possible if you truly believe it, and most importantly you must believe in yourself. Have a plan, and be persistent – never give up!”

The success that gratifies passion and secures future

To be a successful leader, an entrepreneur has to play a multifaceted role in designing, propelling, and running a startup from the scratch. Driven by her unrelenting passion to carve a niche in the world of fashion, Juliane applied creativity with determination to see herself rise to the pinnacle of success and glory. Being a compassionate leader, Juliane takes care of her team and recognizes the team effort, which in a way bolsters the team spirit. She affirms, “My creativity and determination towards my work play a big role. Also, my team, they have been an incredible part of my journey and success. It’s not easy to find a team that shares your visions and passion. Where do I see our company in the next years? I love where we are; the UAE is a great place to be.”

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