Sandra Marienfeld: Redefining the Fashion Industry with Strong Values of Elegance


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Sandra Marienfeld, Founder and Designed, Mary&Mary

Being a mom is no piece of a cake. Neither is being an entrepreneur. And doing both at the same time? That seems like a whole other ball game. Running a full-time business while balancing motherhood and family is a tightrope walk that certainly takes a whole lot of persistence, passion, flexibility, and of course the ability to juggle. With a platter full of responsibilities, served with different recipes of being an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, and most importantly a woman, it’s easy to get off track. However, despite all the odds, many incredible mompreneurs around the world are balancing both roles with confidence. Shattering all the stereotypes, these rare breed of superwomen are making huge impacts on the business world while setting a shining example for every woman who wants to find their way to the top. This story is going to unfurl the inspiring journey of one such exemplary mompreneur, Sandra Marienfeld, the Founder and designer of Mary&Mary, a mother-daughter glamorous Modest Fashion brand that creates a global style, inspired by ancient Arab and Asian cultures, mixed with a glamorous and European touch.

Sandra always had a passion for fashion. And this paved her way to becoming a professional fashion designer. However, her journey as an entrepreneur started years ago when she founded her fashion brand while she was still in university to figure out if it works in real life. She built another costume brand for world-leading circus artists. She started DIY products and sold them online and offered sewing classes. Besides this, she also studied Art History and Egyptology which evoked a passion for different cultures in her heart and she has been seeking the combining elements of culture and history ever since. “As a fashion designer, I transform the elements of culture into a new, embracing, and unique fashion style. I am fascinated by the versatile functions of fashion. It can be as simple as a shelter and glorious as the finest Art Piece. Furthermore, it supports identity, transforms the wearer, and expresses the inner value of the wearer. It is one of the most important and most visible signs of culture,” asserts Sandra.

The Emergence of Mary&Mary

During her studies, Sandra connected with the Arab world and learned about “Contemporary Arab Art.” Years later, when she moved to the UAE, her understanding of Arab Culture and the eclectic mix of all cultures in Dubai completed her seeking. Thus, she found her true calling and decided to pursue the vocation along with her family. Raising three kids, she always had a dream to build a family business. So, she founded Mary&Mary with her 13-year-old daughter, Ophelia as the face and source of love and inspiration for the brand. “We want to inspire other women and young ladies to create something big, something new. Our story was met with enthusiasm and we were invited to Fashion Shows in Italy (July 2022) and New York Fashion Week (September 2022). We already found a distribution partner in New York and a virtual one in Istanbul. Also, we found a partner in Dezign Bureau from Dubai for the distribution in the middle east,” elucidates Sandra.

Creating Fashion to Emphasize the Inner Values of a Woman

The uniqueness of Mary&Mary runs down to its focus on values. Sandra feels that today’s fast fashion trends lack elegance and are all about the body of the woman. Mary&Mary doesn’t follow such fashion trends. Rather, it creates fashion to emphasize the inner values of a woman, no matter what size, faith, or skin color she has. It stands for inclusivity and welcomes different body types, lifestyles, cultures, and faiths. “We are an authentic new Modest Fashion Brand with strong values of elegance, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. We are a value-driven fashion brand, not a profit-driven fashion brand with a focus on the women who wear the clothes,” opines Sandra. Keeping these values at the core, Mary&Mary continues making an impact in the fashion world and aims to become No 1. Green Modest Fashion Brand in the upcoming years.

Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Under the insightful leadership of Sandra, today Mary&Mary has come a long way since its inception. However, its journey to success was no easy path. Sandra had to navigate several challenges to reach where she is today. The biggest challenge for Sandra was to find the perfect balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. Managing the demands of running a business and the blessings of motherhood at the same time is not a walk in the park. However, with consistent efforts, dedication, and strong willpower, Sandra always strives to balance both sides and excel in fulfilling every duty to the best of her ability. The second big challenge for Sandra was to stay focused. “Especially with a creative mind, I have so many ideas I want to realize, but I need to put them in a clear and strong order and keep the focus,” affirms Sandra. 

Leading by Inspiration 

The avid business leader believes in leading by inspiration and example. According to her, being surrounded by people who share similar values and ideas but have different strengths is essential for a business so that it can put it all together to create a bigger picture. Besides this, she also emphasizes on having a clear vision to lead a company toward success. Thus, in her precious advice to budding entrepreneurs, she urges them to be clear in their vision and make others believe in it. “Success for me is when other people like my visions, my concept, and my values and want to partner or collaborate with me or dress in my fashion as a sign of these values,” concludes Sandra.

Quick Facts

Founding Year: 2022

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany – planed for 2023: Dubai


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