Meet the Top Nine Entrepreneurs Who Shaped the Gulf Region


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The Gulf region is well-known for more than just its beautiful landscapes and thriving oil industry. It also houses a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the global business landscape. Over the last few decades, the Gulf region has experienced remarkable economic growth. This expansion can be attributed in large part to the efforts and vision of a few exceptional entrepreneurs. These people defied conventional wisdom, overcame obstacles, and built empires.

From the bustling metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the oil-rich kingdoms of Saudi Arabia, these entrepreneurs have used their vision, resilience, and innovation to build powerful economic empires. Their journeys take them through a wide range of industries, from real estate to technology, finance to healthcare.

In this article, we will look at the top ten entrepreneurs in the Gulf region, their accomplishments, and the impact they have had on the world. These individuals, ranging from tech titans to real estate moguls, have demonstrated that the Gulf region is a hotbed of innovation and business excellence.

1. Mohammed Alabbar: The Real Estate Visionary

Emaar Properties founder, Mohammed Alabbar, is a name synonymous with Dubai’s transformation. On June 16, 1997, Mohamed Ali Alabbar founded Emaar to contribute to Dubai’s vision of becoming one of the world’s most modern and advanced cities. Today, the company is regarded as one of the most valuable and admired integrated real estate development firms in the world. Alabbar’s passion for real estate is evident in his other well-known real estate development firms, Eagle Hills and Nshama. He is the man behind iconic projects such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, making him a global real estate magnate.

2. Lubna Olayan: Queen of Corporate Arabia

Lubna Olayan, CEO of Olayan Financing Company, is a well-known advocate for women in business. She has been instrumental in diversifying the Gulf’s economy and demonstrating women’s leadership. She has served on the boards of WPP and Saudi Hollandi Bank (now Alawwal Bank), as well as the Rolls-Royce and Citigroup International Advisory Boards. Olayan served as the CEO of the Olayan Financing Company (OFC), the holding company for the Olayan Group’s operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, until May 1st, 2019, when Jonathan Franklin succeeded her.

3. Fadi Ghandour: Logistics Innovator

Aramex founder Fadi Ghandour has transformed the logistics industry. Ghandour’s vision and dedication are reflected in Aramex’s global presence. Fadi is most famous for co-founding Aramex in 1982. If you are not familiar with it, it is a company that began as a humble local courier service and has since grown into a global logistics powerhouse. Their remarkable journey culminated in 1997 when the company went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. However, Fadi Ghandour’s influence does not stop there. 

4. Ahmed Heikal: Private Equity Pioneer

Ahmed Heikal is the founder and chairman of Qalaa Holdings, an Egyptian investment firm headquartered in Cairo. He founded Citadel Capital in 2004 and has been instrumental in reshaping the region’s private equity landscape, facilitating investments in a variety of sectors.

5. Rania Nashar: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

In terms of breaking glass ceilings for Saudi women, Rania Nashar was the first female CEO of Samba Financial Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest banks. She is a beacon of hope for women seeking leadership positions. Nashar has been with Samba for 20 years and has progressed through the bank’s career development program. Samba Financial Group is a leading bank in Saudi Arabia.

6. Bader Al Kharafi: Telecom Titan

Bader Al Kharafi is the vice chairman and group CEO of the telecommunications conglomerate Zain Group. His strategic insight has been critical to Zain’s regional and global expansion. Following graduation, Al-Kharafi worked for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). He began working as a coordination engineer for the M.A. & Al-Kharafi group in 2002. He is currently a senior executive at Gulf Bank of Kuwait, Foulath Holding, Diamond International Motors, and Gulf Cable & Electrical Industries.

7. Amina Al Rustamani: Creative Force

Amina Al Rustamani is an Emirati businesswoman who currently serves as the director of the family firm, AW Rostamani Group. In 2015, she was ranked ninth on the CEO Middle East’s fifth annual list of the world’s most powerful Arab women. Dubai Lynx named her Advertising Person of the Year for 2015. The CEO of TECOM Group, Amina Al Rustamani, is a driving force in Dubai’s media and technology sector. Under her leadership, Dubai has been transformed into a regional media hub. Al Rustamani left the TECOM Group in February 2018 to become Chief Operating Officer of the AW Rostamani Group. She was ranked 20th in Forbes’ list of “Middle East Power Businesswomen 2021.”

8. Nasser Al Kharafi: Construction Czar

Nasser Al Kharafi’s conglomerate, Khara Kuwait, has played an important role in the region’s construction and infrastructure development. His legacy lives on in the built environment of the Gulf. His company’s revenue is $4.3 billion. His net worth grew as the value of his holdings increased, including Mobile Telecommunications Co., the National Bank of Kuwait, and Americana, a US fast food chain operator. Al Kharafi also had a significant stake in Zain, one of the Middle East’s and Africa’s largest telecom companies. His businesses ranged from engineering and construction to other services related to oil, water resources and management, chemicals, power and energy, and food. Kharafi was not only active in Kuwait but also in eleven other countries. He was particularly interested in Egypt, where the Al Kharafi group constructed the Port Ghalib International Marina. 

9. Mona Ataya: Healthcare Innovator

Mona Ataya is the CEO and founder of Mumzworld, the Middle East’s leading e-commerce platform for mother and child essentials. In grade school, Mona Ataya sold chewing gum as an entrepreneur. Now, she runs Mumzworld—the leading mother, baby, and child e-commerce site in the Arab world—and was named one of Forbes’s top ten Arab entrepreneurs for two years in a row. Her entrepreneurial journey has empowered mothers across the Gulf.


The entrepreneurial spirit in the Gulf region is thriving, thanks to these extraordinary individuals who have transformed industries, broken down barriers, and made significant contributions to both the regional and global economies. Their stories are not only inspiring but also a testament to the Gulf’s limitless opportunities. As the region evolves, these entrepreneurs will serve as beacons of progress and innovation.

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