Mr. Curro Nicolau: An Eminent Leader on a Mission to Make a Better World with the Use of Clean Energy


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Mr. Curro Nicolau, Chairman, Go Energy Management (GEM)

Being a change-maker in the business world is no easy feat. One needs unwavering determination, perseverance, passion, and a certain doggedness to bring transformative changes to industries and create an impact in the lives of people. Effective leaders possess an unbridled enthusiasm to make a difference with their ideas and lead others on the path of success while working towards the overall growth of society. Avidly exhibiting such traits, one such persevering and idealist leader who is setting an instance of dedicated leadership in the renewable energy industry and impeccably contributing to the evolution of the sector is Curro Nicolau, the CEO of Go Energy Management (GEM) company.

Go Energy Management is a firm created, to provide a comprehensive service in the legal-tax, urban, environmental, real estate, mining, energy, and Oil&Gas fields, with a team of lawyers and technicians specialized in these matters. With a passion for creating an impact in the energy industry, Mr. Curro is steering the firm in the right direction to create a difference and leading the way to sustainable development.

The Journey to the Prominence

Mr. Curro began to develop an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship while studying at university. After completing his law studies, he got an opportunity to get into of the best law firms in Spain (Andersen-Garrigues). This is where he had the opportunity to learn from the cases of the largest companies in the energy, mining, and oil & gas sectors. “From a very early age, I knew that I had to found a company to be able to develop all my knowledge and be able to carry out large-scale international projects beyond the legal profession. After he created the Tecnourban Group, a leader company in the solar energy world with the same motivation as the first day in 2006.

Creating an Impact in the Energy Realm

With Tecnourban during 16 years and today with Go Energy Management in Dubai for all the world, the company is focus in renewable energy. Today it stands tall as a leading company in engineering, development of large photovoltaic projects on all continents, project construction management, financing, and O&M and energy sales. Currently, it is working on the hybridization of photovoltaic technology together with green hydrogen plants.

Go Energy Management (GEM) international presence allows its clients to explore and access new markets. It has a network of offices that brings its clients closer to countries that are growing and present various business opportunities. Having a team of great professionals with decades of experience and a technical, legal, and financial vision, it always strives to generate value for its clients, partners, stakeholders, and the whole society.

Fostering a Flexible Work Culture

Besides its top-notch customer-centric services, the differentiating strength of Go Energy Management also lies in its ability to foster a healthy work environment. Being a flexible leader, Mr. Curro Nicolau encourages everyone in its team to bring out and express their views and skills. As Go Energy Management has a multidisciplinary team distributed around the world, the firm uses technology to communicate and accommodate the schedules of different countries where it is working. “The team is diverse and we only seek responsibility and objectives. We prefer to avoid office hours and travel wherever we have projects. We want our collaborators to participate in the business. We do not want to grow in terms of the number of people. We want to grow in the quality of relationships between the people in our team. Therefore each one decides their rest times and we do not question it. We only see the results of teamwork,” states Mr. Curro.

Success Is Being Able To Live Your Life

For Mr. Curro, success is having the freedom to realize who you are, being able to live your life, and having people by your side who love you unconditionally, no matter who you are or what you have. He also defines success as the ability to learn every day and to observe and appreciate the simplest things. “Success is—never believing that you have reached the top, you have to go back down and you must be cautious and vigilant. My greatest success in life is my daughter Ainhoa ​​​​and thanks to her exemplary mother, we have made a family with love. The rest comes and goes, this love is forever,” affirms Mr. Curro.

According to Mr. Curro, a leader with responsibility must have a balanced life and know how to manage stressful and complex situations. Thus, he always strives to strike a balance between his personal and professional life while taking care of his emotional and physical health. While studying at Harvard Business School in Boston, he got the opportunity to learn from great professionals a leadership style based on the emotional management of days, integrating people, and establishing authentic relationships with a clear ethical component. Driven by this leadership style and values, he is steering the business to great heights while inspiring others to follow the suit.

Envisioning a United Society and a Healthy Planet

Advancing into the future, Mr. Curro plans to continue working towards the vision of making a better world with the use of clean energy through Go Energy Management company. He also aims to help countries become more competitive in industrial production through the use of renewable energy. In Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia or UAE, Go Energy Management (GEM) is working with industrial companies to be able to use green hydrogen and generate electricity at competitive prices that make the industry more profitable.

Beyond caring for the planet, the company also strives to enable its partners and clients to cover their energy demands with lower costs and use cutting-edge technologies based on renewable energy. “The cement, steel, chemical, etc. industry can be more competitive using clean energy sources, thanks to Green Hydrogen and photovoltaic technology. In the Gulf, there are countries with a lot of land and they can be very quick projects to execute. We make the investment and our customers see their electricity rate reduced. And we also help the planet,” adds Mr. Curro.

As a leader, Mr. Curro aspires to continue helping others and developing charity projects that generate value in society. He feels that we should promote a society where equal opportunities exist and effort is rewarded. “We have the responsibility to take care of our planet and use the most sustainable technology. Businesses and their leaders must act ethically and respect compliance standards. Therefore I want to focus on projects that make this achievement possible. I would like to leave some contribution to this enormous task of having a united society that has a healthy planet,” concludes Mr. Curro.

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